Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Uprising DLC Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 3/10. 
Estimated time to 100%: 10 hours. 
Missable trophies: None. 
Glitched trophies: None. 
Difficulty related: None. 
Playthrough: 5. 
Note:- Main Game Platinum no longer achievable. 


Welcome to the Call of Duty: Black Ops II – Uprising DLC Trophy Guide!
In one of the greatest zombies maps of all time, you will take the roll of four former criminals in their attempt to escape Alcatraz! Well, there is actually more in play, but the map is awesome, and the trophies aren’t terrible.


Step 1: Complete the Easter Egg
These two stages can be done in any order. You will actually be guaranteed to obtain half the trophies for this DLC by completing the Easter Egg, which is one of the easier Eggs in Black Ops 2.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Silver No One Escapes Alive
Bronze Feed the Beast
Bronze Making the Rounds
Bronze Paranormal Progress
Bronze Pop Goes the Weasel

Step 2: Miscellaneous Trophies
With the Easter Egg complete, you can focus on cleaning up any miscellaneous trophies you haven’t done already.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Acid Drip
Bronze Full Lockdown
Bronze A Burst of Flavor
Bronze GG Bridge
Bronze Trapped in Time

Tips and Strategies:

Uprising is the second of four DLCs for Black Ops 2. Along with the typical new multiplayer maps, the DLC introduces one of the best zombies maps of all time, Mob of the Dead. The map tells a separate story from the original characters and the four introduced in Tranzit, though it does have some connections not really revealed until the later maps. The map is set at the infamous Alcatraz prison, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge.

New Stuff

  • The map contains a number of new weapons: the Death Machine, Uzi, Chicago Typewriter, and a new wonder weapon called the Blundergat. This weapon is a high powered shotgun that fires one shot before reloading. It can be upgraded to The Sweeper, which doubles the ammo capacity and damage. It can also be converted into the Acid Gat, which fires acid rounds that attract the zombies. This weapon can be pack a punched into the Vitriolic Withering, an even more devastating variant.
  • There is a new perk introduced called Electric Cherry.
  • There is a new type of special grenade called Hell’s Retriever.
  • This is the first official map to contain an actual ending, earned by completing the Easter Egg.
  • There is a gondola that, once activated, allows you to go from the docks at the bottom of the map to the upper floor of the prison, costing 750 points.


A major new feature of the map is the introduction of afterlife. If you access a red power switch, your character will fall to the ground and enter afterlife. In this mode, you won’t be attacked by zombies, and can shock zombies/switches using . This mode runs out after about 30 seconds, so you or someone else will need to revive your downed body. Afterlife mode is required to access a number of areas of the map, as well as activate all the perk machines.

Each player will have one afterlife access per round (playing solo will grant you three at the start and one will be returned after each round). If you activate one of the red switches to do something and revive yourself, you will keep all your perks and weapons. If you go down with an afterlife token due to being attacked by a zombie, you can still revive yourself, but will lose your perks. Afterlife mode effectively replaces Quick Revive on this map, leaving only five perks.


Another major new feature is the removal of the traditional “dog round” and the introduction of a new enemy called Brutus. Brutus functions like the Avagadro on Tranzit or George Romero on Call of the Dead. Brutus is the warden, and will spawn periodically. The farther you go, the more often he will spawn, and the more health he will have. As the game goes on, it is possible you will be attacked by multiple Brutuses at once, especially on the bridge.

Brutus will run around the map trying to kill the players with a very damaging melee attack. He will also destroy barricades on windows. Perhaps worst of all, he is able to lock the perk machines, workbenches, and mystery box, requiring someone to pay 2000 points to regain access. Whenever Brutus is killed, he will drop an item. He can run just as fast as the player. It is usually best to try and kill him as quickly as possible when he spawns.

Other Map Info

  • Mob is much easier to learn and navigate than Die Rise or Tranzit. It consists of the main prison building divided into multiple floors, two cell blocks, and a few other rooms, some catacombs under the main prison culminating in a large spiral staircase, and the dock area. 
  • There are only five perks: Jug, Speed Cola, Double Tap, Deadshot, and the new Electric Cherry. 
  • The zombie shield makes a return from Tranzit. 
  • The pack a punch machine is located off the main map on the Golden Gate Bridge, see Silver No One Escapes Alive for more information on reaching it. 
  • Being a stand alone map, there is no bank or weapons locker.
  • All trophies except the Easter Egg Bronze Pop Goes the Weasel can be earned playing solo, and on the easy difficulty setting.
  • There are multiple good training spots this time around. The best is arguably to run circles in the cafeteria, but the shower room just below is also very good. The Bridge also offers a lot of space, but tends to come under attack from extra zombies and at least one Brutus at any time.

Trophy Guide:

No One Escapes Alive upscale-245262160018212
In Mob of the Dead, execute the escape plan.

Despite being the map’s lone silver trophy, this is actually only part of the map’s Easter Egg. To get the trophy, you need to escape from Alcatraz by building a plane on the roof. To do this, you will need five parts scattered around the map, as well as the Warden’s Key. The parts can be obtained in any order once you have the key.

The key is obtained by using afterlife mode to disable the electrical components above either the Warden’s Office or the Cafeteria, making the key appear on a string in front of those rooms. It is random as to which location the key will spawn in. The key will then appear in each players’ inventory and is used to unlock several areas.

The first plane component is the laundry, located behind a locked gate inside a washing machine, which must be activated in afterlife mode. Once it is active, you will need to defend the area from zombies and possibly Brutus until it stops. Keep in mind that each player can only carry one part at a time.

The second part is the rigging. To get this part, unlock the cage at the bottom of the big spiral staircase and have one player continue down the path through a small hallway. At the same time, have another player enter afterlife mode and take note of the numbers on the staircase. They will need to shock the devices inside the cage at the bottom to represent the numbers seen on the stairs. This will activate an elevator that the first player can enter for a part.

The third part is the engine. This is located in the Warden’s Office behind an electrified gate. To disable the electricity, you will need to go to the generator room near the docks at the bottom of the map. Zap all three in afterlife mode (one will be hidden behind a wall), then return to the Warden’s Office and unlock the gate with the key.

The fourth part is the oxygen tank. This one is found by the docks behind a locked gate. Once the gate is opened, have one player enter afterlife mode with another player next to them and shock the device in the gated area. This will open the gate to the part while sealing the entrance. The other player will need to pick up the part, allowing the player in purgatory to shock the device again and let everyone out.

The fifth and final part is the valves. These are probably the easiest to get, as you simply need to unlock the cabinet in the room below the roof (with the Hellhound spawn and just before reaching Deadshot) with the Warden’s Key.

With all five parts obtained, use afterlife mode to unlock the door to the roof, place all the parts on the makeshift runway, and have everyone get on the constructed plane. Anyone that gets on will get the trophy.

Feed the Beast
In Mob of the Dead, obtain Hell’s Retriever.

Hell’s Retriever is a unique special grenade that functions like a Tomahawk in multiplayer. However, you are able to charge the weapon for a few seconds before throwing, and it will return to you after killing up to six zombies. To unlock the weapon, you will need to kill a few zombies in three specific places. In each location, a red Hellhound drawing will be on the wall. When you kill a zombie near it, the drawing will come to life and the Hound will eat the dead zombie. You will need to kill 6 – 7 zombies at each location to make the Hound disappear back into the wall. You can’t just get a bunch of quick kills, you have to wait for it to finish eating a zombie before it begins on another.

The first Hellhound is located on the second floor of the main building, between the two sides of the cell block; it can be accessed from either the spawn room or from the side with the Warden’s Office.

The second Hellhound is located in the alleyway leading to the docks, gondola, and Jug, just outside the generator room.

The third Hellhound is located in the room next to Deadshot, also containing a plane part, just before you reach the roof.

Once you have fed all three Hellhounds, the wall will open up in the catacombs between the shower/laundry room and the spiral staircase. Walk inside and pick up your new weapon to get the trophy. The dogs can be fed in any order.

Hell’s Redeemer

Though not required for any trophies, there is an upgraded version of the Retriever called Hell’s Redeemer. If charged, it will insta-kill up to six zombies no matter the round.

To get the upgrade, follow the steps below:

  1. Kill 10-15 zombies with the Retriever, after which you will hear the afterlife sound.
  2. Go to the Golden Gate Bridge and spend an entire round there, getting at least one kill with the Retriever. Other players are allowed to kill zombies with their weapons. Completion of the step will again play the afterlife sound.
  3. Return to the prison and throw the Retriever into the lava pit under the Hellhound head near the B23R. If you did all the other steps correctly, it will not come back to you.
  4. On the next round, head to the catacombs where you picked up the Retriever to find a blue glow. Enter afterlife to pick up the Redeemer.
Making the Rounds
In Mob of the Dead, complete the cycle 3 times.

This is another trophy that will be unlocked while completing the map’s Easter Egg. See Silver No One Escapes Alive for directions on how to build the plane for the first time. Once you have taken off in the plane, you will end up on the Golden Gate Bridge. Here, you will need to survive for about a minute until four electric chairs appear on the other end of the bridge. Each player can enter a chair at any time to return to the spawn room in afterlife mode.

On the next round, five fuel cans will spawn around the map near where each of the plane parts were. They are all relatively easy to get and don’t require any new puzzle solving. Pick up all five and use each one to refuel the plane. Once the plane has been refueled, you can return to the bridge at any time. Complete this cycle 3 times to unlock the trophy.

Acid Drip
In Mob of the Dead, convert a weapon using a kit.

For this trophy, you will need to convert either the Blundergat or its pack a punched version (The Sweeper) into the Acid Gat or Vitriolic Withering, respectively, using the acid kit. The Blundergat is the map’s wonder weapon, either obtained randomly from the box, or by collecting the five skulls as part of the Easter Egg. It is a break-action shotgun that does a lot of damage but reloads after every shot. The Sweeper does twice as much damage and holds two shots.

Anyway, once you have the Blundergat, you need to build the acid kit. It consists of three parts, each of which has three spawn locations:

  1. Case: found on a table just outside the spawn room, on the ground near the afterlife box outside the cafeteria, or under the staircase leading to the Warden’s Office.
  2. Motor: found somewhere in the Warden’s Office, either next to the Uzi, Mystery Box, or fireplace.
  3. Acid Container: will be found in or near the infirmary, either on a table in the hallway leading to the area, on a table in the room with the bloody bathtubs, or on the floor of that same room.

Once you have the parts, go to one of the workbenches and construct the kit, then use it to upgrade your Blundergat/Sweeper and unlock the trophy.

There are three workbenches:

  • In the cafeteria.
  • Next to the Hellhound at the docks, just outside of the generator room.
  • On the upper floor just past Electric Cherry.
Full Lockdown
In Mob of the Dead, Brutus completes his patrol.

To get this trophy, you need to have Brutus lock down nine specific items throughout the map:

  1. Juggernog: located near the docks and gondola access.
  2. Speed Cola: in the Warden’s Office.
  3. Dead Shot: in the last room you pass before reaching the roof.
  4. Double Tap: in a side room near the spiral staircase.
  5. Electric Cherry: on the upper walkway on the way to the plane.
  6. Mystery Box: only the box itself, Brutus can’t lock down empty box spawn points. There are five mystery box spawns: Warden’s Office, infirmary, cafeteria, docks, top of the spiral staircase.
  7. Plane: on the roof, must have at least one part built (Silver No One Escapes Alive).
  8. Acid Gat Kit: must be fully constructed and placed on one of the three workbenches (Bronze Acid Drip).
  9. Zombie Shield: must be fully constructed and placed on one of the three workbenches.

To build the zombie shield, you will need to find three parts:

  • The Dolly is found on the docks, either near the Chicago Typewriter, next to the gate with a plane part, or across from the sniper tower and box spawn.
  • The Cage is found in either the spiral staircase, the hallway just after the staircase, or in a corner before entering the generator room.
  • The Clamp will be found somewhere in the generator room, but is known to occasionally glitch and not appear in solo games.

You don’t have to lock down all these objects with a single Brutus, and you are free to unlock items after, they just need to have been locked down at any point during the game. The best way to get this trophy is to wait for the first round where Brutus spawns (random but usually before round 10), then kill all but one or two zombies. Now, run around the map, lingering near each item until Brutus chooses to lock it. As long as you get a little ahead of him, he tends to quickly lock things. Do note that the perk machines must be powered up to be locked. The toughest objects to lock are usually the workbenches due to the awkward locations of two of them. While doing this, make sure you have Jug and at least one afterlife, as Brutus can deal a lot of damage very quickly if he traps you.

A Burst of Flavor
In Mob of the Dead, kill 10 zombies at once with a new beverage.

The new beverage the game is referring to is the new perk Electric Cherry. This perk causes an electric shockwave every time you reload, the size and damage of the shockwave being dependent on how many bullets are left in your magazine at the time of the reload. If you exhaust the entire magazine, this will generate the largest possible shockwave. The perk is good to combine with the Blundergat, since it must be reloaded after every shot, meaning you will get the maximum shockwave every time you shoot the weapon.

To get the trophy, you actually have two options:

  1. With Jug and a weapon of your choice, gather up a big group of zombies, drain your ammo, and reload just as you run into the group. If they have already taken damage, or it is an earlier round, you should get at least 10 kills.
  2. Alternatively, Electric Cherry also lets out a large shockwave when you go down and enter afterlife. So, if you can’t do enough damage on a reload, gather up a group of zombies and stand in the middle of them as they down you. This should easily kill at least 10, as long as you have the afterlife token to spare.
Paranormal Progress
In Mob of the Dead, open a door without spending points.

This is likely to be the first trophy you get, as it is impossible to miss while going for the Easter Egg or even the initial plane construction. To get it, you will need to open a door using afterlife mode. While in afterlife mode, you can shock various electrical switches to open doors, most importantly the Warden’s Office and the door to the roof. There are also a few cell doors that can be opened with this method.

GG Bridge
In Mob of the Dead, survive an entire round on the bridge on round 15 or higher.

To get this trophy, you will first need to reach the Golden Gate Bridge. See Silver No One Escapes Alive for information on how to do this. It is best to head to the bridge near the end of round 14. Once you reach the bridge, finish the current round. Now, you will simply need to survive one full round without leaving the bridge. The bridge contains the pack a punch machine, so it is recommended to upgrade your best weapon while you are here. You should also make sure to come over with an afterlife token and as many perks as you feel you need. While on the bridge, you will be attacked by plenty of normal zombies, and usually multiple Brutuses. As long as you don’t leave the bridge and at least one player survives, you will get the trophy. It is best to get this trophy done as early as possible before the zombies become too dangerous.

Trapped in Time
In Mob of the Dead, use and upgrade all traps before round 10.

For this trophy, you need to use all three traps before round 10, as well as upgrade one of them (the sniper tower).
The three traps each cost 1,000 points to use, and are found in the following locations:

  • Acid Trap: located in the Cafeteria.
  • Fan Trap: located in the Warden’s Office.
  • Sniper Tower: located at the very end of the docks at the bottom of the map.

Aside from the 3,000 points needed to activate the traps, you will also need over 10000 points to open doors and get a decent weapon. The best strategy is to train zombies in the cafeteria until the end of round 8, so if a trap kills the last zombie you will get another round. You can build plenty of points by running the zombies around the cafeteria, and there is an MP5 wall buy across the hallway.

You will simply need to use the Acid and Fan traps, but you also need to upgrade the Sniper Tower. To do this, activate the tower, then immediately go into afterlife. You will see an afterlife symbol a few feet up the tower, next to this is a switch you can activate. Shoot the switch in afterlife to upgrade the tower and unlock the trophy.

Pop Goes the Weasel
In Mob of the Dead, break the cycle.

This trophy refers to the map’s Easter Egg. Though it can take a while to complete, the map is relatively easy and very fun to play, and the steps aren’t too hard. Unlike the rest of the trophies in the DLC, this one must be earned on the Original difficulty setting, and is the only trophy that can’t be earned playing solo. It should be possible to complete with as few as two players as long as one is playing as Weasel.

Step 1: Build The Plane

Refer to Silver No One Escapes Alive for instructions on how to build and launch the plane for the first time.

Step 2: Obtain Hell’s Retriever

At any point during the Easter Egg, you need to get Hell’s Retriever, though it is definitely easier to get the earlier you are into the game. Refer to Bronze Feed the Beastfor instructions on how to obtain the weapon.

Step 3: Complete The Cycle Two More Times

Steps 3, 4, 5, and 6 can be obtained in different orders, but all of them must be completed before entering the numbers in step 7.

Next, you will need to return to the bridge and back to the prison two more times, earning Bronze Making the Rounds if you haven’t gotten it already. The group will realize that they are trapped in a cycle and need to find a way to escape for good.

Step 4: Obtain The Skulls

You will now need to collect five glowing skulls around the map. They can only be seen in afterlife mode, but can be collected by any player without using afterlife, as they spawn in the same place every game. They can be obtained in any order.

  • In the area with Juggernog, go to the corner and look directly up to a lamp post. The skull is on top. It is a bit tough to hit from the ground; some players will hit it while riding the gondola, but this isn’t required.
  • On the docks, the skull will be located on the third pillar from the left across the water (on the dock with the destroyed PHD Flopper machine).
  • In a cell directly across from the spawn room. The cell contains other real skulls, the one you are after is sitting on the toilet.
  • On top of a light post outside the Warden’s Office. Look out the window in the room with Speed Cola; it will be on the closest lamp. It is much easier to see if the window boards have been destroyed.
  • Off the left side of the roof, in the same area where you can get the sniper rifle jump scare. It is on the corner of the building, past where the plane is built.

Once you have collected the skulls, go to the Warden’s Office to receive a free Blundergat for one player. You do have to pick it up to continue.

Step 5: Destroy The Poster

This step is very easy. In the hallway leading up to the Warden’s Office, one of the cells will contain a poster. Use the Retriever to destroy the poster.

Step 6: Obtain The Spoons

There are two spoons you will need to find.

  1. The first is accessed through a new afterlife tunnel next to the afterlife spawn point across from the Warden’s Office. Go into the new tunnel and shock the spoon on the ground near the human skull.
  2. Look through the window at the back of the cafeteria next to the work bench. The spoon will be on a table to the left, and is collected with the Retriever.

Step 7: Prisoner Numbers

The numbers at the bottom of the spiral staircase should now be flickering rapidly. One player will need to enter afterlife and input four prisoner numbers (in any order). The numbers are: 101, 386, 481, and 872. It is a bit tough to get them all entered in a single afterlife cycle normally, so have one player stand on top of the person in afterlife and as the timer runs out, partially revive them. Before they are fully revived, stop, and then begin reviving again. This will allow the player in afterlife an unlimited amount of time to input the numbers.

Step 8: Alcatraz Audio Tour

The map will turn black and white, and an audio message will begin playing. A series of green headphone drops will appear in a linear path all the way back to the roof. Listen to all five to piece together the story of the map and progress to the ending.

Step 9: Final Escape

Have all players enter afterlife at the box under the roof. If you have done everything correctly, your afterlife meter should not decrease. Have all players go to the roof and hold  on the plane, you should get on and ride to the bridge one last time. It doesn’t have to be fueled. Once you crash land, revive your character in the electric chair.

Step 10: Final Battle

At this point, Weasel will be pitted against the other three characters, and he will be aided by the zombies and Brutus. The game will end when either Weasel or the other three characters have been killed. While “breaking the cycle” would indicate that Weasel wins, the trophy will unlock regardless of who wins the fight.



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