Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Revolution Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 3/10. 
Estimated time to 100%: 10 Hours. 
Missable trophies: None. 
Glitched trophies: None. 
Difficulty related: None. 
Playthrough: 5. 


Welcome to the Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Revolution Trophy Guide!
Our four new characters make their way to a high rise in China while being courted by Richtofen and Maxis to enact their evil plans!


Step 1: Playing Die Rise
The majority of the trophies from this DLC will be earned while playing the zombies map Die Rise, as well as completing it’s Easter Egg. It is highly unlikely you will get all the trophies in a single game, so it is best to pick one or two to go for each game until they’re all done.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Silver High Maintenance
Bronze Vertigoner
Bronze Mad Without Power
Bronze Shafted
Bronze Slippery When Undead
Bronze Facing the Dragon
Bronze I’m My Own Best Friend

Step 2: {small description}
With Die Rise out of the way, you will now need to complete the three trophies exclusive to the new “Turned” game mode.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Polyarmory
Bronze Monkey See, Monkey Doom
Bronze I See Live People

Tips and Strategies:

Revolution is the first of four DLC packs for Black Ops 2. It continues the storyline of the four new characters as Richtofen and Maxis attempt to convince the group to power up a second tower in the remains of a Shanghai skyscraper. The DLC contains a new map, known as Die Rise, as well as a brand new game mode called Turned, taking place at the Diner area of Tranzit.

New Stuff

As with most zombies maps, Die Rise introduces a number of new items, including enemies. There is one new perk called “Who’s Who”, two new buildables, and a new type of “dog round”.

  • Who’s Who activates if the player goes down, allowing them to take control of a ghostly version of themselves armed with an M1911. If the player can get back to their downed body, they can revive themselves and retain all their perks.
  • The Sliquifier is a buildable wonder weapon that fires clumps of purple goo. The shots can insta-kill some zombies, and will leave a pool of goo on the ground that can kill zombies and cause them to slip and fall. It isn’t one of the better wonder weapons due to its inconsistent damage output, and the fact that the goo can mess up zombie trains or cause you to slide into a bad position. Once built, it can only be claimed by one player, but can later be collected in the mystery box.
  • Another new buildable is the Trample Steam, a trap that flings zombies away and kills them when they step on it. It can also fling human players.
  • A new type of zombie appears about every 5-7 rounds, similar to the old dog rounds. The new zombie behaves like the gas zombies from Black Ops 1, moving and jumping very quickly, but dealing less damage than a normal zombie. At the end of the round, they will drop a max ammo.

The Map

Die Rise is one of the most unique maps in the franchise. The map consists of two skyscrapers, each containing multiple floors and a lot of tight hallways and rooms. Each building has a series of elevators that can be used to quickly traverse floors, and are often the only convenient way to get back to the top of either building. These elevators contain the map’s six perks and pack a punch machine, spawning in random places each game. While they are important for travel, falling down a shaft or off the building results in instant death, and you can also get crushed if you stay on top of one for too long.

When it comes to playing the map, there aren’t a lot of good training spots. The best place for a solo game is probably the very bottom of the starting building, a room which contains a couple walkways and collapsed pillars. If you are playing in a group, then a good place to camp is on the roof under the tower. There is only one window to guard, which can be covered with claymores or a Trample Steam, so all players can focus on fighting the zombies as they pour in from in front.

Diner Turned

In addition to the new map, the DLC contains a brand new game mode called Turned. Played at the diner, turned pits up to four players against each other. One player is a human, the others are zombies. You gain points by getting kills, and whoever has the most points after the six minute time limit is up is the winner. The mode is an interesting addition but doesn’t provide much replay value outside of the three trophies specific to the mode. All the Turned trophies can and should be boosted.

Other Tips

  • All Die Rise trophies except for the Easter Egg Silver High Maintenance can be obtained on the easy difficulty setting. They can also all be earned solo.
  • If you can finish the new version of the “dog round” without missing a shot, you will get a free perk. The best way to do this is to use either a shotgun or Trample Steam to get the kills. 
  • The Trample Steam can be used to fling players from the room in which it is built to the roof of the second building, providing a much faster method of transportation between the two buildings.
  • There is a bank and a weapons locker on the map. The bank is the two shower stalls in the open room next to the power room, and the weapons locker is the fridge on the other side of the wall.
  • You can pick up keys in several places around the map just like you would pick up a buildable part. You can use the keys to immediately bring an elevator to your position.
  • Here is the link to a pretty detailed map of Die Rise courtesy of the Call of Duty Wiki. The map can be confusing to learn and navigate, with a lot of opportunities to fall to your death or get trapped in a small room.

Trophy Guide:

High Maintenance upscale-245262160018212
In Die Rise, be the architect of their instruction.

This trophy is earned by completing the map’s Easter Egg. While you can complete either side, it is highly recommended to complete the Richtofen side, as it is universally considered to be easier. You will need all four players to do this one. Below are the steps needed to complete the Egg on Richtofen’s side.

Note: unlike the other trophies in the DLC, this one must be earned on Original difficulty.

Step 0: Build the NavCard Table

Before going for the Easter Egg, you need to build the NavCard table. It is constructed directly under the tower on the dragon statue rooftop. To build the table, you will need a radio, wood plank, meteor, and a box. All four items are found on the rooftop. Once the table has been built, you shouldn’t have to build it ever again. This can be done in any game, preferably before going for the Easter Egg.

Step 1: Turn on the power

You will first need to turn on the power. It doesn’t matter which path you take to the power switch, once it is turned on, you can proceed with the game.

Step 2: Elevator Symbols

With the power on, you will need to have each player stand on one of the four symbols on top of the elevators. There are a total of 7 elevators, and 4 will have Chinese symbols on them. Each player will need to stand on one of them at the same time. Two elevators in each building will have symbols. Once all four players stand on one symbol each, they will glow, signifying completion of the step. This is arguably the hardest step of the EE due to the random behavior of the elevators and having to time it properly so you don’t get crushed.

Step 3: Other Symbols

You will how have to have each of the four players stand on another symbol on the floor of the buildings. One symbol will be next to the M14 just outside of the starting room, another will be in the cafeteria area of the starting building, just before the dragon room that is good for training. The third symbol is on the ledge above the AK74 on the second building, and the fourth is located next to the radio tower by jumping off to the side, next to a window. You will need to stand on these symbols in a specific order; Richtofen will count each time you get one in the right order. It is unknown exactly how many tries you get per round to do this, but through process of elimination, you should be able to get it done in 1-2 rounds. Once you have stepped on all four in the right order, the mission will progress.

Step 4: Orb Sniping

This step is pretty easy. Have any player obtain a sniper rifle, either the SVU in the starting building or a rifle from the mystery box, and have them snipe two orbs from the mouth of the two dragons on the radio tower building.

Step 5: Sliquifier

The orbs you shot down will appear in the paws of the dragon statues in the starting room. One player will need to obtain the Sliquifier wonder weapon. Once you have the weapon, go to the statues and crouch down. Without aiming down sight, shoot each orb about 20 times until it starts spinning. This step is a little buggy, as the balls may take more shots to spin, in which case you may need a max ammo to resupply. Whatever you do, DON’T pick up the orbs with , as this will begin Maxis’s storyline.

Step 6: Charge the tower

Next, you will need to have each player obtain a Trample Steam. Once each player has one, they will need to place the item in four specific areas of the map. Two of them are located next to the staircase leading to the downed walkway that takes you to the tower. Placing the Trample Steam on a symbol should cause Richtofen to speak. The third symbol is located in the same area, by jumping off the side of the tower next to a window and the hole in the railing. It is hard to see. The final symbol is in the starting building, near the M14 and one of the symbols from Step 3. Once the items are placed, you will need to lead some zombies into them, which will fling them toward the radio tower. Once enough zombies have hit the tower, you will hear fireworks go off, and the tower will begin to glow.

Step 7: Mahjong and Completion

Now, you will need to melee the four corners of the radio tower in a specific order, using Galvaknuckles. They are purchased for 6000 points on top of one of the elevators. Only one player needs the Knuckles.

Next, you will need to find the Mahjong tiles, which have a total of 11 spawn points around the map:

  1. The desk in the spawn room.
  2. On the broken stairs in the starting building.
  3. At the bottom of the escalator just outside the starting room.
  4. On a couch with circular cushions near the mystery box.
  5. In the elevator shaft you can jump down in the starting building.
  6. In the dragon room in the starting building, the good training area, on an upper ledge.
  7. On a shelf at eye level in one of the cage filled rooms near the Sliquifier workbench.
  8. In the power room on a table under one of the windows.
  9. On the roof on a chair in the room you can only get to by dropping off the ledge below the tower.
  10. On the table in the cafeteria in the starting building.
  11. One will always be found on the north point of the tower.

At this point, you will need to piece together the puzzle. Each tile will contain a symbol in black, blue, red, or green. Some symbols will correspond to numbers, others correspond to the four cardinal directions. You will need to match them up. For example, if the tile representing the number 2 is black, and the tile representing the direction east is black, it means you will melee the east direction of the tower second. “North” on the tower is the corner facing the open hole in the starting building, and should always have the “north” tile on it.

Once you have figured out the order for the tiles, you will need to melee the corners of the tower in that order with the Galvaknuckles. You can only do this once per round, so if you mess up, you will have to complete the round and try again. Once you have done this step properly, a fire will light under the tower and the trophy will unlock shortly after.

Die Rise Easter Egg – High Maintenance Completion Guide (Richtofen Side)
Die Rise Mahjong Tile Locations

Credit to NGTZombies for the videos.

In Die Rise, fling 10 zombies in one game.

To get this trophy, you will need to kill 10 zombies in one game with the Trample Steam. To do this, you will need four parts:

  • Flag Pole
  • Battery
  • Metal Square
  • Giant Bellows

All the parts are found in either the starting room or the hallways just outside of the starting room. It is best to do this with 4 players, as each player can pick up a part. Once everyone has a part, make your way down to the room with the workbench and two elevators. You can get to this room more quickly by carefully falling off the ledge in the starting hallway next to the escalator. Once here, build the Trample Steam on the nearby workbench. Once you have the item built, you can place it with . Now, you need to get 10 kills with it during a single match. Just place the Trample Steam somewhere and guide zombies over it until you get 10 kills for the trophy.

Vertigoner Video Guide

Credit to HarryNinetyFour for the video.

Mad Without Power
In Die Rise, reach round 10 before turning on the power.

This trophy is pretty self explanatory. Just survive until round 10 without turning on the power. This is best done by staying in the starting building and purchasing a strong weapon such as the PDW or the AN94. The number of zombies spawning per round will be fairly low for the first 10 rounds, and their health won’t be particularly high, so this shouldn’t be too difficult for an experienced zombies player. It is recommended that if you do this solo, to purchase the Quick Revive perk in one of the elevators next to the starting room.

In Die Rise, use Pack-a-Punch and all perk machines in one game.

For this trophy, you will need to purchase all six perks and pack a punch a weapon in a single game. You can only carry four perks at once, so this will require a little bit of planning. Your first four perks should include Quick Revive. Once you have bought your first four perks and possibly the pack a punch, get to the end of a round and down yourself. Once you are revived, purchase the other two perks (and pack a punch if still needed) to unlock the trophy. Whatever you do, don’t buy Who’s Who until you buy your second set of perks, as reviving yourself with this perk will allow you to keep all your other perks.

The starting building contains three elevators. The first is located immediately outside of the starting room and will always contain Quick Revive in solo games; it goes down to the room with the Trample Steam workbench. Another elevator is located in the wall down the hallway; it goes down one floor to the room with the PDW. The last elevator only stops in the room with the Trample Steam workbench.

Two elevators are located in the power room. These stop in the power room, the room with the Sliquifier workbench, the floor below the roof, and on the roof itself.

The sixth elevator goes to two obscure hallways on the floors containing the Sliquifier and power room; it also stops on the floor below the roof right next to a staircase that leads to the roof and the MP5 wall buy. The final elevator goes between the roof and the floor below, being accessible by jumping to the other section of the roof with no weapons and one window.

The items you need to buy and their costs:

  • Juggernog: 2,500 points
  • Quick Revive: 500 points in solo, 1,500 in co-op
  • Speed Cola: 3,000 points
  • Double Tap: 2,000 points
  • Who’s Who: 2,000 points
  • Mule Kick: 4,000 points
  • Pack a Punch: 5,000 points

Therefore, you will need 19,000 or 20,000 points just to purchase the perks, and thousands more to open doors. The easiest way to do this is to use the bank to store lots of points for a few games, then start a new game and withdraw as much as needed to purchase everything at a low round. Note that the bank doesn’t work in local games, you have to be in the online menu.

Slippery When Undead
In Die Rise, kill 5 zombies with a single shot from the Sliquifier.

The Sliquifier is the map’s wonder weapon, being a gun that fires large clumps of purple goo that instantly kill some zombies and cause the others to trip and fall or die over time.

The weapon is a buildable item, being built in the second building with four specific parts:

  • Gas Canister
  • Handbrake
  • Wires
  • Manequin Foot

These four items will all be found in the area around the Sliquifier workbench. Some will be found on the same floor as the workbench, others will be found on the floor above, including in the power room. The parts aren’t particularly hard to find with a little exploration, so search the area thoroughly until you find all four. Once you have the weapon built, you can pick it up from the workbench, which will also make it available in the random box.

Once you have the weapon, you will need to kill 5 or more zombies with a shot from it. Simply train the zombies in any part of the map until you get at least 5 following you, and fire a shot to kill all of them. If you kill 5 with a single shot, you will get the trophy.

Facing the Dragon
In Die Rise, face the dragon head-on before reaching round 2.

To get this trophy, you need to reach the main rooftop with the tower and the dragon statues before reaching round 2. In order to do this, you will want to kill all zombies except 1-2 on the first round, then get into the elevator in the starting room. From here, follow the path until you can jump to the second building. You should have enough points to open the door to the power room (750 points), which will allow you to activate the power switch, turning on the elevators. Both of the elevators in the power room will take you to the roof. Ride one up until you reach the roof, get off, go up the ramp to the tower, and face the dragon to earn the trophy. You are allowed to use the bank if needed for extra points.

Facing the Dragon Video Guide

Credit to HarryNinetyFour for the video.

I’m My Own Best Friend
In Die Rise, revive yourself.

This trophy is best done in solo, so you don’t risk your teammates reviving you by accident. To get the trophy, you need to revive yourself with the new “Who’s Who” perk, not Quick Revive. You will need to activate the power first, which will cause the perk to spawn in a random elevator. Once you find out where the perk is, save up 2000 points to purchase it. Once you have the perk, kill all zombies until the end of the round, when you have 1-2 left. Now, kill yourself or let the zombies kill you. This will cause you to respawn as a ghost with your main body appearing on the screen with a “revive” message. You will still get attacked by zombies during this time period, but if you only have 1-2 left, you should be fine. Find your body, revive yourself, and you will get the trophy. 

In Diner Turned, get a kill with each primary weapon in a Public Match.

This trophy, as well as the others related to the “Turned” game mode, are pretty much impossible to get without boosting, but are quite easy with boosting. To get this trophy, you should have all four players send each-other friend requests, then have one player search for a game on Diner, Turned for the game mode. Once they are in a lobby, the other three players should “join session” through the friend list, which should put everyone in the same lobby together. Once you are all in a lobby, the trophy is relatively easy to boost.

To get this trophy, you will need to be the human, a role earned by killing the human player as a zombie. Once you are the human, you will need to kill a zombie with each of the 6 available weapons:

  • Executioner
  • M1216
  • M27
  • Chicom CQB
  • Kap-40
  • M1911

A lot of these weapons are quite weak, but when boosted, the kills are quite easy. Let a player get kills with all 6 weapons, then have them be killed by a zombie player and repeat until everyone gets the trophy.

Monkey See, Monkey Doom
In Diner Turned, retrieve a chained Cymbal Monkey in a Public Match.

To get this trophy, you will need to be playing as a human in the Turned game mode. As a human, if you kill a few zombies, you will eventually spawn a monkey bomb. Once it appears, pick it up, and use it to kill at least one additional zombie. This should cause another cymbal monkey to appear. Pick that monkey up, and the trophy should unlock.

Monkey See, Monkey Doom Video Guide

Credit to AciDic BliTzz for the video.

I See Live People
In Diner Turned, kill the human while its decoy is in play in a Public Match.

When a player throws a cymbal monkey, it will create a decoy of the human player. To get this trophy, you will need to kill the actual human player while they have a decoy available. This trophy is much easier to get while boosting, as the human player can simply tell the zombie players where they are in relation to the decoy, allowing a zombie to easily kill the human rather than the decoy. Repeat this process until everyone has the trophy.



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