Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Reckoning DLC Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 6/10.
Estimated time to 100%: 10 Hours.
Missable trophies: None.
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: Silver Double Tap
Playthrough: 5. 


Welcome to the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Reckoning DLC Trophy Guide!
With the Atlas Carrier destroyed, the four main characters make their way to an Atlas underwater resort in pursuit of Oz, hoping to stop him and the zombies for good!


Step 1: Complete the Map
Your first stage in this final DLC is to clear round 19 and then defeat Oz in a boss fight. This may take a couple tries, but use them to learn the map.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Bronze Smooth Operator
Bronze How the mighty have fallen!

Step 2: Miscellaneous Trophies
Next, you will want to clear the six miscellaneous trophies from the DLC, none of which are particularly difficult but can require some time and luck, and a couple are related to the round 20 Oz fight.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Big Game
Bronze Coast 2 Coast
Bronze Size DOES Matter
Bronze K.O.
Bronze Nah, I’m Good.
Bronze Trickshot

Step 3: Easter Egg
After learning the map and clearing the miscellaneous trophies, you will now need to finish the Easter Egg, which is thankfully easier overall than the previous map, but still very time consuming and tedious.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Silver Reunion

Step 4: Double Feature Mode
Now comes the pain. Double feature mode is the ultimate test of your Exo Zombies skill and patience.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Silver Double Tap

Tips and Strategies:

Descent is the fourth and final Advanced Warfare zombies map, taking place at an underwater Atlas resort. The four characters from the previous map, having learned more about Oz and the nature of the zombie outbreaks, track Oz to the Atlas Trident Resort, where he has killed all the Atlas personnel. The group decides they must kill him once and for all to stop the zombie outbreaks at their source.

Descent isn’t a huge map, only adding in a few new features, as well as two major boss fight rounds.

  • Two new wonder weapons: the Blunderbuss and the Trident.
    A new supply drop: the Goliath Suit.
  • The same power-ups and perks as the previous map Carrier.
  • A trophy gallery in the Reception area containing seven trophies that appear for completing various tasks in game, such as doing all the Easter Eggs.
  • And of course, the biggest new features are the two boss fights against Oz himself on rounds 13 and 20.
Map of Descent

Other Tips:

  • This map is highly structured, with two dog rounds, an infection round, and the two Oz fights occurring on the same rounds in each game.
  • Due to the structured nature of the map, there is a heavy focus on building points quickly and getting as many upgrades as you can, as well as your desired perks, before the final Oz fight on round 20. The game does continue beyond round 20, but there isn’t much of a point of playing farther, at least for trophies.
  • On that note, the map has a lot of doors, and many of them are very expensive.
  • There aren’t a lot of training spots, with the entire Spa area being by far the best. 
  • You will see every type of zombie on this map by the time you reach round 20, as well as during the second Oz fight: normal, infected, EMP, teleporters, armored, and exploding, as well as normal and EMP dogs.

Trophy Guide:

Smooth Operator
Defeat Oz in Descent.

Upon reaching round 5, you will be teleported to a large room manned by Oz, who will taunt you for about a minute before teleporting you back to the map. When you reach round 13, you will be teleported back to this room for the first of two actual fights against Oz.

Oz will be behind one of four glass walls on the upper levels of this room. After a short speech, you will hear a loud sound that will indicate the glass wall has dropped. Fire away at Oz until his booth catches on fire. You will need to do this a total of four times, once for each of Oz’s booths in this room.

Now, this is easier said than done. Not only will tons of different zombies spawn infinitely in the room, Oz has a few traps at his disposal. He can electrify the floor, surround the raised platforms with infection gas, create a laser grid that disables your Exo Suit, and spawn turrets on the walls and behind the doors below each booth. While in this room, you don’t get points for zombie kills, but there is a 3D printer and an upgrade station. Also, supply drops will periodically spawn containing Max Ammo’s for the player that uses the drop. The amount of traps Oz uses, as well as the volume and spawn rate of zombies, will increase after each booth is destroyed.

As for damaging Oz, any weapon works, but light machine guns are fairly powerful with huge magazines, while the Trident and Blunderbuss wonder weapons are very powerful but have far less ammo. If one player has distraction drones, it is recommended to use them each time Oz becomes vulnerable.

Once all four of Oz’s booths have been destroyed, a DNA bomb will go off to clear the room, and a bunch of supply drops containing points will spawn. After a 10 second countdown, you will be teleported back to the main map and the trophy will unlock.

How the mighty have fallen!
Defeat Oz… again in Descent.

Upon reaching round 20, Oz will once again teleport you to his room for a final showdown. This time, Oz will be in his highly mutated form, running around at ground level. He will have a health bar on top of the screen. Oz will generally be shielded, which can only be removed by activating the de-infection pad at the center of the room. This pad now needs to be powered before it is usable, a feat accomplished by turning on the four generators on the outside of the room. Once the pad is powered, activate it when Oz is about to walk over. He will stop moving and become vulnerable for about five seconds, during which time you should unload your most powerful weapons on him. He has a ridiculously high amount of health, and the game will not allow you to take more than a quarter of his health at any given time.

It is highly recommended that each player has a Cel-3 Cauterizer, the Blunderbuss, or the Trident for this boss fight. The first two weapons are very powerful against Oz, while the Trident is exceptionally useful at clearing zombies. If you don’t have any of those three weapons, light machine guns and the S12 shotgun are decent substitutes. Just like the first fight, zombies will spawn infinitely, the pillars can become infected, and the laser grids can appear to disable your Exo Suit. Also, Oz will infect you if he punches you, and he can shoot EMP rockets at you.

To make this easier, make sure at least one player has the Sentinel Reinforcements from a supply drop and call those in during the second half of the fight. The Goliath suit is also very useful. As for perks, all of them except Exo Slam have their uses, but due to how quickly you get to this boss fight, you may want to save your points for upgrades. Distraction Drones and Nano Grenades can be the difference between life and death, so at least one player should have them.

Once you manage to kill Oz, you will be teleported back to the main map and the trophy will unlock.

Reunion upscale-245262160018212
Complete Oz’s challenges in Descent.

This trophy corresponds to what is basically this map’s Easter Egg. It is arguably a little easier than sinking the boat on Carrier, but is quite tedious and takes a very long time, as many steps require you to complete full rounds under certain conditions. Additionally, you still have to do the fight against Oz on rounds 13 and 20, unless you somehow manage to beat it by the end of round 19. It is highly recommended to do this with multiple players, as one player can hold some zombies while the other(s) deal with the more dangerous steps.

Step 1: Tidal Generator Valves

In the Tidal Generator tower, you will find three small valves on the wall. You will need to shoot each valve a bunch of times until a blue light comes on above it. Do this for all three valves to open the doors on the second floor of this room. Inside this secret room, you will find a blue panel. Hold  to activate it for some dialogue. Once the dialogue ends, interact with it again to hear something along the lines of “access denied”. This will allow you to begin the next step.

Step 2: Air Lock

Head to the Lounge to find a door next to the 3D printer spawn. Though there won’t be a prompt, hold to begin de-pressurizing the door. This will go on for about a minute, and every zombie on the map will become attracted to you. Once the door is de-pressurized, wait until a Goliath Suit spawns (starting on round 8), use it to enter the airlock. From there, follow the linear path to a button, melee’ing the zombie out of the way, and hold  to turn the light blue on the machine.

Step 3: Drone Challenge

Start a new round. Somewhere on the map, a power-up drone will spawn. This particular drone will not have a power up in it. After destroying the drone, you will need to find another and repeat the process of destruction four more times, destroying a total of five drones. The spawn of the drones will be entirely random each round, but tend to spawn in the following areas of the map:

  • Spa next to 3D printer.
  • Spa stairs.
  • Next to the Exo Suits.
  • Two potential spawns in the lounge area.
  • Next to the 3D printer in the reception area.
  • Next to the computer terminals in reception.
  • In the lower area between the Lounge door and Reception 3D printer.
  • Between the upper door to Spa and the Reception area.

The drones will move quickly, and if a single drone escapes, you will fail the challenge and need to attempt it again the next round. It is recommended to have all players stick together so that nobody accidentally triggers a drone to start moving away. They can take a ton of damage. If you destroy all five, the “drone challenge” marker next to your score will turn green.

Step 4: Charging the Batteries

You will see two big batteries near the platform where you get the Exo Suits, next to the door leading back to Spa. You need to charge them, which requires you to let electrified zombies and dogs melee/bite you next to the batteries. This will take about 20 hits to fully charge.

Step 5: Grenade Challenge

Start a new round. Oz will give you infinite grenades. You need to complete the round using only your grenades. It is highly recommended to use contact grenades, as they explode on contact with anything. This challenge is fairly easy, just don’t accidentally fire your weapon or down yourself with your own grenade.

Step 6: Jump Challenge

This is arguably the hardest step of the Easter Egg. Return to the starting area to find some glowing ledges off the side of the starting platform. You will need to complete a total of nine puzzles. A brief text guide will be provided, but a video is highly recommended. Thankfully, you have unlimited chances at this challenge, and you don’t need to re-complete stages of this challenge once you have completed it the first time.

  1. A simple exo jump over a gap.
  2. Jump to the starting platform, then to a tiny middle platform, and then to the final platform.
  3. Sprint from the back of the platform, slide, double jump, dash, and dash again. This is by far the hardest jump.
  4. Exo jump and then double jump/boost around the wall.
  5. A relatively simple exo jump climb up a few small platforms.
  6. Some more vertical jumping with a bit of backwards dodging to make each jump.
  7. From the starting platform, do an exo jump out of a sprint and then dash between the vertical platforms to the final one.
  8. Take your time and platform your way across the extremely narrow ledges.
  9. Another vertical platform climb reminiscent of steps 5 and 6.
Jump Puzzle Full Guide

Credit to Spiderrichard for the video.

Step 7: Move Challenge

Start a new round. For this challenge, you will lose points for every step you take. If any player reaches 0 points, you will fail the challenge and have to try again next round. The best strategy is to get every player to sit and camp in the same area, such as the corner of the Spa behind the snack bar. As long as you don’t move too much, you should have more than enough points by this round to get through it.

Step 8: Simon Says

After completing the Move Challenge, head to Reception to find that one of the four computer monitors at the desk is glowing. Interact with it with  to begin the minigame. This is a simple game of Simon Says, just repeat the pattern of the flashing monitors. Either write down the sequence, or call it out to your entire team so they can help you remember. You will need to clear about eight rounds of this minigame to continue.

Step 9: Friendly Fire Challenge

Start a new round. You will need to complete a round without hitting a teammate with any weapon or explosive. If you are playing in co-op, this is extremely easy, as each player can camp/train in a different area of the map with no risk of interference. If you are playing solo, the game will spawn A.I. allies, all of which must be avoided to win the challenge.

Step 10: Tidal Generator Numbers

Start a new round. Return to the room from step 1 to find two panels of four numbers. You have to get the bottom row to match the top row.

  • The first number is increased by doing a boost slam.
  • The second number is increased by jumping normally.
  • The third number is increased by purchasing a grenade.
  • The fourth number is increased by killing a zombie.

The board will reset if any of the four bottom numbers increases past 9. The only thing that makes this step tough is that the progress for each number is cumulative between all players. If you are playing in co-op, coordinate with your team to have exactly one player do all the numbers, while making sure that none of the other players jump, slam, purchase grenades, or kill zombies.

Step 11: Rocket Challenge

Start a new round. Oz will give each player a level 25 Mayhem rocket launcher. You will need to complete the round using only that launcher. Similar to the grenade challenge, as long as you don’t accidentally down yourselves, you should have little trouble with this challenge.

Step 12: Tidal Generator Panel

With all the challenges completed, have all players return to the Tidal Generation Tower. Enter the secret room from the first step to find the blue panel. Have all players interact with the panel with  to begin the final step.

Step 13: Oz’s Memory

Upon hitting the Tidal Generator panel, all players will be transported into one of Oz’s memories, which will resemble the outside area of the first map Outbreak. You will need to survive 2-3 rounds worth of zombies in this area. Use all your supply drops, distraction drones, and best weapons to get through this section. There is a decent amount of space to move around, and the zombies don’t present any new challenges, but let loose with everything you have so you don’t have to start over.

Once you have cleared enough zombies, Oz will say some dialogue, and the game will end, popping the trophy. This will immediately restart the game in [double feature mode]. You can now access this mode by holding  on the keypad in the starting area in any future games.

Exo Zombies Descent Easter Egg

Credit to MrDalekJD for the video.

Double Tap upscale-245262160018212
Defeat Oz for the last time in Descent.

Now comes probably the hardest trophy in the entire game, and the sole reason for this DLC’s high difficulty rating. To get this trophy, you must defeat Oz one last time on Descent, but this time, it must be done in Double Feature Mode. This mode is unlocked by completing [Silver Reunion], and can be activated by having all players interact with a panel in the starting room across from the generator. If you are playing a local game, or if the host has finished the Easter Egg, you can also start the mode this way.

Double Feature Mode is basically this game’s hardcore mode. It makes quite a few difficult changes to the gameplay:

  • The screen turns black and white like an old school movie.
  • Your HUD disappears, so you don’t know what weapons, perks, or ammo you have. Your points are still displayed in the lower left.
  • Zombies have approximately double health.
  • You only get points for KILLING enemies, just damaging them gives you nothing.
  • If you go down, there is no reviving. If the rest of the team completes the round, downed players will thankfully respawn. If you are playing solo, there is no Exo Medic, making this borderline impossible to complete solo.
  • Additionally, no tombstones spawn for you to retrieve some of your gear. If you die, you basically start over with nothing but your points.
  • During the final battle, Oz’s health bar is not on screen, but he seems to have the same amount of health as a normal game.
  • If you get infected, there are no timers on screen for how long you have to de-infect.
  • The ONLY thing that is made easier in this mode is that weapon upgrades cost less than normal, 1500 points.

So, with those changes in mind, you will need a solid strategy and a decently skilled team to have any chance of survival. The fewer players you have, the fewer zombies that will spawn, and the more places you will have to run them. If you are playing with two people, you can either have both of them run in the spa, or one in the spa and one somewhere else on the map, such as the circular area around the Exo Suits. With three people, two should be in spa, and one in the Exo Suit room, or another spot if you have one you like.

The best strategy our team found is detailed below:

  • After activating double feature, stay in the starting area getting only melee kills on the first two rounds, then open the door to Reception.
  • Open the door to the 3D printer and hit it until at least one player gets the Blunderbuss. If nobody gets it before the printer moves, restart the game.
  • The player with the Blunderbuss should then run in Spa for the rest of the game. They should get Exo Health and Reload, and then focus all their remaining points on upgrading the weapon.
  • All other players should first focus on opening the doors for the first player. They should only purchase Exo Health and Reload, none of the other perks will be useful.
  • Those players should then continue hitting the box. You really want to have at least one player with distraction drones, as this will make the Oz fights way easier. Each player should have at least the Cauterizer, Blunderbuss, Trident, or S12 Shotgun as one of their weapons.
  • Rounds 4 and 12 are always dog rounds, providing you with less of a challenge, and basically a free max ammo.
  • Round 8 and one later round will always be an infected round. All players should gather in Spa, since you won’t be able to see if your teammates are infected.
  • Don’t use any supply drops! In fact, don’t even pick any up until after the first Oz fight. Dying with one will result in permanently losing it.
  • Upon hitting round 13, you will be teleported to the first Oz fight. This is where the Trident is very useful, as the Blunderbuss doesn’t have as good of range to hit Oz in his booths. Do your best to train the zombies around the room, focusing on avoiding traps, killing turrets, and getting de-infected. Grab the max ammo supply drops whenever necessary. If you survive the fight, then arguably the hardest part of the trophy is done.
  • For rounds 14-18, continue doing your best to build points, and make sure every player at least has Exo Health. If two players can get the Blunderbuss, you will be in a fantastic position for the final boss. The Trident isn’t as good during the second fight, at least compared to the Cauterizer and S12.
  • At the end of round 19, save a few zombies and run around the map grabbing supply drops. There should be at least one Sentinel Reinforcement drop, likely two AI Assault Drones, and at least one Goliath. Any player that doesn’t have a Blunderbuss should be ready to jump into a Goliath as soon as round 19 ends.
  • On round 20, you will be teleported to the final battle. Immediately turn on the generators, and deal the first quarter damage to Oz. You will need about 8-10 Blunderbuss hits total to kill Oz.
  • The second quarter is pretty much the same. Immediately run around and turn on the generators, pop distraction drones if needed, and kill zombies until Oz reappears. The Goliath suit basically makes you invincible, so staying in it for as long as possible is somewhat of a necessity. Once you use the pad and make Oz vulnerable, pound him with the Goliath and Blunderbuss, which should leave him at half health.
  • For the third quarter, the time before Oz reappears is noticeably longer. Spawn all your AI Assault Drones, as they will fly around and take out a bunch of the zombies for you. This is where you will start dealing with more traps, including turrets, the Exo disabling laser grid, and gas zombies, as well as gas around the pillars. The drones will do much of the work for you. When Oz appears again, you will probably take a couple hits from him, but he will eventually move toward the pad. When he becomes vulnerable, repeat the process from the first half of the fight.
  • For the final quarter, pop your Sentinel Reinforcements. If you have more than one set, pop the second immediately after the first. Any players in Goliaths will likely lose their suit in the third or fourth phase. Oz will throw everything he has at you in this phase, with a long delay before appearing and every single type of zombie, as well as dogs. Do not hesitate to use every weapon, grenade, and remaining supply drop you have, you don’t want to fail here. The Sentinels will do most of the killing. As soon as Oz appears, lure him to the center and pound him with the Blunderbuss one last time. Once he dies, you will get the trophy.
Big Game
Kill Oz with a Blunderbuss in Descent.

The Blunderbuss is the first of two new wonder weapons on Descent, obtained from the 3D printer. The weapon looks like a musket with a large barrel, and does absurdly high damage per shot. In fact, it can kill Oz in about 8-10 shots during the final battle. The shots somewhat spread out, allowing you to kill small hordes with one shot. However, it only holds one shot at a time before a somewhat lengthy reload, so it is almost a necessity to have Exo Reload when using this weapon.

For the trophy itself, you have deal the killing blow to Oz during the second fight on round 20 (Bronze How the mighty have fallen!) using the Blunderbuss. Once he gets down to the last sliver of health, have all other players stop damaging Oz and do the last bit of damage using the Blunderbuss. Once he dies, you should get the trophy.

Note: on the PS3 version of the game, this trophy is actually different for some reason. This is the only trophy with different requirements. You have to deal the killing blow with the Lynx sniper rifle, another 3D printer weapon. It is far less effective than the Blunderbuss, but the strategy is pretty much the same.

Coast 2 Coast
Cross the water with a teleport grenade in Descent.

For this trophy, you will need to use Telefrag grenades to get from the starting area to the top of the Tidal Generator, or vice versa. You can purchase four of these grenades from the Lounge area for 750 points. Telefrags are a special grenade type that will teleport the player to the location where the grenade lands, or will teleport zombies away.

Once you have the grenades, go to either location and launch telefrags from one platform to the other until you manage to stick the landing. If you miss, you actually don’t take damage or lose the grenade, so you have infinite tries. If there are supply drops, you can use those as a solid point of reference. Once you successfully make the throw, you will get the trophy.

Coast 2 Coast Video Guide

Credit to MrWilliamThor for the video.

Size DOES Matter
Punch Oz with a Goliath in Descent.

The Goliath Suit is a supply drop that can appear on the map starting on round 8. You tend to get two, sometimes three, before the start of round 20. The Suit is extremely powerful, as it comes equipped with a machine gun that doesn’t overheat () , a single shot rocket launcher (), and a multishot lock-on rocket launcher (). You can also use melee attacks. The Goliath makes you invincible while you are inside, but it does have a health bar on top of the screen, which slowly depletes over time, and goes down faster when you get hit.

Play the game like normal until you reach round 19, during which you should save a few zombies. As soon as the round ends, enter the Goliath by holding . Once you teleport into the final battle, run around the outside to turn on the four generators. Once they are all on, Oz will appear and try to attack you. Lead him to the center de-infection pad and activate it when he is on or next to it to make him vulnerable. Now, use your melee to hit Oz and unlock the trophy.

Punch 20 enemies with a Goliath in Descent.

Once a Goliath Suit spawns on top of the Tidal Generator or the starting area (Bronze Size DOES Matter), get inside and start punching every zombie that you come across. Try to focus on killing dogs, infected zombies, and normal zombies, as EMP, armored, and teleporting zombies may take multiple hits to kill. You don’t have to get all 20 kills in a single Goliath Suit, but you do have to get all 20 kills in a single game. It is best to do this early in a round, when there are a lot more zombies available.

Nah, I’m Good.
Reach round 7 without anyone opening a door in Descent.

This trophy is actually rather easy, especially if you are playing solo. You have to clear the first six waves of zombies without opening any doors. You are free to purchase wall weapons, use power ups and supply drops, and you also have access to Exo Medic (the Sledgehammer equivalent of Quick Revive). Going down or dying also does not affect the trophy. As long as you don’t open either of the two doors, you should get the trophy at the start of round 7.

Kill 100 enemies behind you with the KL03-Trident in Descent.

The KL03-Trident is the second new wonder weapon, also obtained from the 3D printer. It holds five shots in the clip and 45 in reserve. The weapon fires an energy ball that will bounce off the walls while cutting through enemies, seemingly locking onto them. The weapon is extremely powerful, and very good for both the Easter Egg and the Oz fights. For this trophy, you will need to kill 100 enemies that are behind you with this weapon in a single game. This is actually pretty easy; train a bunch of zombies in the Spa and then run toward a wall and fire all five shots. They will bounce all over the place and kill a bunch of zombies that are behind you. Repeat this process until the trophy pops.



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