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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Havoc DLC Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 4/10.
Estimated time 100%: 8 Hours.
Trophies: 10. 40-platinum 0 / Gold 0 / Silver 2 / Bronze 8 .
Missable trophies: None.
Glitched trophies: None.
Difficulty related: None.
Playthrough: –


Welcome to the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Havoc DLC Trophy Guide!
Call of Duty zombies is back, but somewhat different from what you’ve seen before. Struggle for survival alone or with friends in an overrun Atlas research facility. The trophies, like the main game, are fairly easy.


Step 1: Learn the Map and Survive at Least 25 Waves
During this step, you will be trying to learn the map, learn what strategies you like best, what weapons you want to use, etc. You should be able to reach wave 25 within a few attempts, even solo.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
BronzeBronze I’m Alive!
Bronze Survivor

Step 2: Easy Miscellaneous Trophies
You can get all four of these trophies in a single run of the map, but if you need more than one playthrough, that’s perfectly fine. They can all be done in solo or co-op, and you may have already earned some of them in step 1.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Bronze Moneybags
Bronze Come On And …
Bronze PC Load Letter
Bronze Do you even Exo?

Step 3: Getting the 20/20 Trophy
You will have to dedicate at least one full playthrough of the map to this trophy, and you may want to bring along at least one partner to do it with, though it can certainly be done solo.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Silver 20/20

Step 4: Multiplayer Specific Trophies
While both of these trophies are fairly easy to get, they both require you to have at least one partner.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Bronze Cheapskate
Bronze Burgle Burgle Burgle

Step 3: The Easter Egg
Your final step in obtaining the DLC’s trophies will be to complete the easter egg for the map. Refer to the specific trophy for the steps required to complete it. It may take a few tries to get this trophy, but it is nowhere near the difficulty of Treyarch easter eggs.

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
Silver Game Over, Man!

Tips and Strategies:

Advanced Warfare zombies follows a similar formula as the well known Treyarch version, but does feature some specific differences, which are the following things:

  • Power up drops return but have different names. They are hyper damage (instakill), double pointsDNA bomb (nuke that kills all zombies on screen), power surge (the 3D printer costs 10 points for a short time), and security ticket (activates the security system in the exo room that vaporizes anything touching the lasers, as well as some doors that snap shut to kill enemies). 
  • Points are now called credits but function identically to points in Treyarch zombies.
  • “Training” is still a very useful strategy; refer to Bronze Survivor for more information.
  • All trophies can be done in co-op (either online with up to four players or offline/splitscreen with two players).

Perks/Exo Upgrades

There are only five perks (called exo upgrades):

  • In order to access perks, you have to activate big generators near them. The generators are free and stay on for the rest of the match.
  • You can upgrade weapons at two spots on the map, with upgrades costing 2500 points each time. The upgrade also refills your ammo for the upgraded weapon. Once upgraded, weapons deal more damage, will eventually have larger magazines, and attachments and camos will change. Weapons can be upgraded a total of 20 times.
Exo health2500Doubles the amount of damage you can take before going down
Exo speed2000Makes you reload your weapons much faster
Exo slam2000Allows you to perform a powerful downward slam attack. Jump into the air and then hit  to do the slam.
Exo medic500 in single player
1500 in multiplayer
In single player it revives you when you go down, but can only be bought three times over the course of the match. In multiplayer, it allows you to revive downed teamates much faster.
Exo soldier1750Allows you to reload while sprinting or sliding, increases weapon swap speed, and increases hip fire accuracy


This is a map of the facility where the mode takes place. The small squares represent the 3D printers, the triangles represent the upgrade stations, and the larger symbols are the upgrades/perks. The red X is the starting area.

Enemy Types

There are many different enemies in this game mode.

Normal zombieLook just like a standard Treyarch zombie with no exo suit. Only seen in the earliest rounds.Just your typical zombie that will swipe at you repeatedly until dead.
Exo zombieThe main enemy you will fight starting around round 5 or 6. They carry an exo suit and look like they have body armor.Typical zombie in terms of attacks, but can also use exo suits the exact same ways the player can.
Zombie dogRed/black colored zombie attack dogs, but only appear every few rounds (usually around 5 and 17 rounds in).Will sprint toward you and bite, but the bite is slightly less powerful than a normal attack. They are very weak but fast.
EMP zombieBlue electrified zombies that appear regularly once you acquire your exo suit.Will act like a normal zombie but attacks by emitting an EMP when you get close enough. This will disrupt your exo for about five seconds.
Gas zombieGreen colored zombies that, like dogs, only come on specific rounds (usually around 9 and 20 rounds in).These zombies are fast moving and, if they manage to hit you, will infect you. If you get infected, you have to get to the decontamination station near the starting courtyard and remove the infection within 60 seconds. If you fail, you die, and getting hit again will reduce the time you have.
Exploding zombieLook like a combination of the gas and EMP zombies and appear regularly by round 10.Will act like the other zombies but explodes if you get close. The explosion can hurt other zombies and can be avoided, but can do a lot of damage if it hits.

Trophy Guide:

I’m Alive!
Survive until Round 10 in Outbreak.

Surviving ten waves is quite easy actually, but see Bronze Survivor for tips on how to survive to wave 25 and beyond.

Survive until Round 25 in Outbreak.

To unlock this trophy, you must survive 25 waves of zombies. While every player will likely have different strategies and preferences, a general strategy has been listed.

  1. Spend up to three rounds in the starting area and buy the rifle off the wall
  2. Go through your preferred path (either the set of doors on the left or the right)
  3. Get your exo suit
  4. Buy whatever perks you want
  5. Get a pair of guns that you like and upgrade them whenever you get the chance
  6. Train zombies until round 25

On this map, there are two good locations to train zombies at: the starting area and the exo room. In either location, you will want to run (or even walk) circles around the outside of the area. Once you get a good-sized group of zombies, start firing at them. Personally, I found the starting area to be easier to run in, as it seemed like the zombies didn’t jump over the central obstacle as often. Also, this location is much closer to the Exo medic ability and de-infection pad, though it is farther from exo health and 3D printers. If you have two players, one should run in each location.

One of the best weapons for high-round runs is the Cel 3 Cauterizer, an energy-based shotgun-style weapon that can kill zombies in one shot even on higher rounds (when upgraded). Your secondary weapon should be a light machine gun, and try to get distraction drones from the 3D printer, as they can save you if you get in a pinch. As for the random orbital drops that occasionally appear, only pick them up once the round is over, as they don’t seem to disappear. You can only carry three at a time, and the turrets are practically useless, so focus on getting assault drones and camouflage. 

On dog rounds, just sit in a corner and shoot them with the Cauterizer; they will die in one or two shots every time. As for the infected rounds, you will need to get to the de-infection pad near the starting area within 60 seconds or you go down. Save your orbital drops for these rounds, as they are arguably the toughest.

This trophy has been reported as being buggy by some gamers, as some have said the trophy didn’t unlock on round 25. It should unlock as soon as you begin the round; if it doesn’t, complete the round and it should pop by that point. If the trophy is glitched, there is no known fix for it except to play and go for it again.

Survivor & I’m Alive Video Guide

Credit to NGTZombies for the video.

20/20 upscale-245262160018212
Upgrade 2 weapons to level 20 in Outbreak.

Upgrading two weapons to level 20 in a single match is a time-consuming and expensive process, as you will need 100,000 credits total to fully upgrade the weapons, as well as obtain them in the first place. The best weapons to use for this trophy are those that do a reasonable amount of damage but still work well enough to build points. Though the Cel 3 Cauterizer is strong for high-level runs, it doesn’t work well at all for point building, so it is best to avoid the weapon for this trophy. SMGs and assault rifles are probably the best weapons to use, as they don’t do too much damage but work well for grinding out credits. Light machine guns provide plenty of ammo and are fairly powerful, but will slow your movement speed. See the Tips & Strategies section for a general overview of upgrading weapons.

Have 15000 credits in the bank in Outbreak.

The description for this trophy is fairly misleading, as there is no “bank” feature like we saw in Treyarch zombies. Instead, the bank refers to the amount of credits you currently have. Once you have 15000 credits at once, you will get the trophy.

Acquire the exo suit without spending any money in Outbreak.

To get this trophy, you have to obtain your exo suit without spending any credits. To do this, you will need at least one partner. Have them open all the doors and activate the generator for the exo room, as the generators have been reported to lock this trophy. There are only three doors that need to be opened: the door next to the Bulldog shotgun in the starting area (costs 750 credits), the door to the morgue (costs 1000 credits), and the door to the exo room (costs 1250 credits) (up the stairs and through the glass windows). Either path works and both require the same amount of credits.

Also note that if you go down, you lose points, so this trophy will not unlock if you go down in the process.

Cheapskate Video Guide

Credit to NGTZombies for the video.

Burgle Burgle Burgle
Steal 10 kills from a teammate in Outbreak.

To get this trophy, you have to steal 10 kills from a teammate, but the trophy description is kind of misleading. This doesn’t mean getting kill assists or landing the killing blow on a zombie your partners damaged. Instead, you need to get 10 kills while a teammate’s distraction drone is active. Distraction drones are obtained from the 3D printer and work similarly to monkey bombs, as all the zombies will crowd around the drone and leave you alone for a few seconds. Simply have your teammate launch a drone and then kill 10 zombies while it is active.

Burgle Burgle Burgle Video Guide

Credit to NGTZombies for the video.

Game Over, Man! upscale-245262160018212
Call in a rescue in Outbreak.

This is the easter egg for the map, and is arguably the toughest trophy in the DLC. However, it is nowhere near the level of depth and difficulty of some of the Treyarch zombies easter eggs. The steps have been listed below. The video is a much better guide, as you will actually be able to see where to go for each step.

Also note that this trophy can be done with any number of players. Some steps will be tougher solo (primarily obtaining Kahn’s keycard and surviving long enough to do all the steps), but others will be easier (such as upgrading the keycards).

  1. Acquire the black box: In the starting area, hold  near the back of the wrecked bus in a crevice between the wall and the crashed helicopter to pick up the box.
  2. Place the box in the computer: Go to the morgue and head to the terminal next to the generator for exo reload. Insert the box into the terminal by holding .
  3. Get Oz’s card (these four steps can be done in any order but are fairly complicated and far easier to understand by watching a video)
  4. Get Kahn’s card: Since the video doesn’t specify the locations of the four terminals, they are: near one of the trash chutes to the right of a blocked door, a double door to the left of an upgrade terminal, to the left of the security window across from exo medic, and on the high ledge next to the door to the morgue).
  5. Get Lilith’s card
  6. Get Decker’s card
  7. Upgrade the cards to level 49: You will have to kill large numbers of zombies to upgrade the cards, as zombies will now occasionally drop keycards. Each player will need to pick up enough to reach level 49 (as indicated on your card in the bottom left corner where your credits are displayed).
  8. Upgrade the cards to level 50: Each player will then need to go to their character’s hand scan station and use it by holding Kahn’s is across from the MP11, Lilith’s is in the morgue across from the door to the exo room, Decker’s is near the trash chute in the exo room, and Oz’s is to the left of the exo health ability.
  9. Obtain the experimental exo and call in a rescue: All players need to return to the exo room and hold  over an exo suit. A rescue will be called in, but the helicopter will be shot down (go to the starting area to watch). At this point, the trophy should unlock. The match will continue as normal, but you will be able to access a special upgrade station in the exo room that can upgrade weapons to level 25.

The Call of Duty Wiki has provided a more in depth text guide for obtaining the key cards, so check that out if you wish. 

Easter Egg Compilation for Game Over, Man! Video Guide

Credit to NGTZombies for the video.

Come On And …
Slam 10 zombies at once in Outbreak.

To do this trophy, you will first need to acquire the exo suit and buy exo slam from the main hub. Once you buy it, round up at least 10 zombies and exo slam them. It has been reported that you don’t actually need to kill the zombies (you may only have to hit at least 10 with the slam), but this has not been officially confirmed.

Come On And… Video Guide

Credit to NGTZombies for the video.

PC Load Letter
Use the 3D printer 15 times in a single match in Outbreak.

The 3D printer is the replacement for the mystery box in Advanced Warfare zombies, giving you a random weapon for 1000 points (although in this game, you can actually hold  when you see the outline of the weapon you want to get that weapon). Simply use the printer 15 times in one match to get this trophy. The printer will go offline after excessive use, and a different printer will become active somewhere else on the map. There are five printers on the map.

  1. The starting printer is in the hallway past the door to the morgue.
  2. Under the staircase in the room where you obtain the exo.
  3. Next to the generator in the HUB room (the room with the exo slam ability).
  4. Under the stairs in the morgue (where the exo reload ability is).
  5. In the large collection of small rooms on the left side of the map (the area with exo health and an upgrade panel).
Do you even Exo?
Exo Melee kill 10 zombies in 30 seconds in Outbreak.

First of all, this CAN’T be done until you have the exo suit (so you can’t do it with the starting knife). Once you get the exo suit, wait until you get a hyper damage power-up, and then melee kill ten zombies while it is active (the power lasts for 30 seconds). It is best to do this as early into the match as possible, as the zombies will be more aggressive and dangerous the longer you survive.

Note: as seen in the video, this can also be done without a hyper damage power-up, but you would have to do this early on before the zombies become stronger.

Do you even Exo Video Guide

Credit to NGTZombies for the video.


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