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Borderlands 3 Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 4/10
Estimated time to platinum/100%: 45 hours
Missable trophies: None
Glitched trophies: Yes and No. all glitched trophies have an easy fix.
difficulty related: No


Welcome to Borderlands 3 Trophy Guide! Following the demise of Handsome Jack and Hyperion, Lilith leads the reborn Crimson Raiders on a quest to locate the galactic Vault map, while fighting off the unified bandit cult Children of the Vault!


Stage 1: Complete the Story

Play through the game and complete the story with any character you desire as there are no character-specific trophies this time around. Enjoy the game!

You’ll be earning these trophies:

Bronze You Got Skills
Bronze Star Bound
Silver Vaulting Your Way To The Top
Bronze Welcome to the Crimson Raiders
Bronze So Long, Pandora!
Bronze NOG It Off
Bronze I Mustache You A Question
Bronze Gone From My Sight
Bronze That Was Cold
Bronze Heir To An Empty Castle
Bronze Cross The Streamers
Bronze Apocalypso!
Bronze I Am A Goddess, A Glorious Female Warrior
Gold Bye, Felicia!
Silver Damn, Gina

Stage 2: Side Missions/Activities and Named Locations

With the story completed, you will need to continue going through the game to finish any side missions/activities you may have missed as well as discovering all named locations.

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

Silver Tales From The Eridian Slab
Bronze Slaughterhouse 3
Bronze A Hundred Names For Sand
Bronze Swamped
Bronze City Slicker
Bronze Exoarchaeolo—You Get the Gist
Silver Master Of All You Survey
Bronze À La Carte
Gold Getting A Little On The Side
Silver 100 Proof
Bronze Got Big Game
Bronze Zer0ed In

Stage 3: Cleanup, Multiplayer, and True Vault Hunter Mode

Finally, you will need to complete any miscellaneous trophies you have left, as well as the three co-op/multiplayer trophies if you haven’t done them already. If you have yet to reach level 50 start up true vault hunter mode, and clear out the story missions again until you reach max level. After finishing this stage, you’ll earn the platinum trophy. Congratulations vault hunter!

You’ll be earning these trophies:

40-platinum Ultimate Vault Hunter
Gold Biggest Badass In The Borderlands
Bronze Bolt-Ons
Bronze Mechani-Cool
Bronze Tips Appreciated
Bronze I Hope You Didn’t Tea-bag
Bronze Stay Away From The Light
Bronze Gun Pals!
Bronze Dropping Loads
Bronze Good Against Remotes Is One Thing
Bronze My Name Is Earl
Bronze Barreled Right Over Them
Bronze Feelin’ A Little Stabby
Bronze Stick It To ‘Em
Silver On Fleek
Bronze Rewards Card
Bronze Florida Man
Bronze Stay Golden

Tips & Strategies

Borderlands 3 is set a number of years after the epilogue cutscene of The Pre-Sequel and the “Commander Lilith” DLC for Borderlands 2. In the time since those games, Lilith has taken charge of the Crimson Raiders in an attempt to regain control of the galactic map showing other vaults. At the same time, all the bandit groups on Pandora have unified under the Calypso twins Tyreen and Troy, who have formed the Children of the Vault, also looking to control the map and open the many vaults around the galaxy.


First and foremost, there are no trophies related to the specific character classes in this game so choose whoever you want. Every class has three skill trees to upgrade so it’s worth looking at them before deciding what to spend your skill points on.

  • Amara: The Siren – the siren of the group, has damaging attack skills.
  • FL4K: The Beastmaster – can summon pets that help in combat, and turn invisible temporarily.
  • Moze: The Gunner – can summon Iron Bear, a mech suit with a variety of weapons ranging from rail-guns to flamethrowers.
  • Zane: The Operative – can summon a drone, and a double of himself to help reduce incoming fire.

Gear Rankings

Gear in Borderlands 3 is classified into five rankings based on color:
  • White gear is “common”.
  • Green gear is “uncommon”.
  • Blue gear is “rare”.
  • Purple gear is “epic”.
  • Orange gear is “legendary”.

The rarer the gear, the better it usually is. Generally, epic and legendary gear will have other modifiers and add-ons that make the weapons better than their more common counterparts.

Weapon Types/Manufacturers

Borderlands 3 features millions of different guns from a total of nine different manufacturers, each of which is unique in some way.

  • Pistols – short to medium range, medium to high damage output.
  • Submachine guns – short range, low damage output with a high rate of fire and varying magazine size.
  • Assault rifles – medium to long range, varying damage output and fire rate, generally larger magazine size.
  • Shotguns – short range, very high damage up close, generally slow rate of fire and small magazine size.
  • Sniper rifles – long range, high damage, slow rate of fire, generally small magazine size.
  • Rocket Launchers – can be used at any range, very high damage, very slow rate of fire and small magazine size.
  • Grenades – come in many types with varying effects.
  • Hyperion – features a energy shield which absorbs damage while aiming down sights, and accuracy improves while continuously firing.
  • Torgue – guaranteed to be explosive based, and have a sticky explosive alternate fire mode.
  • Tediore – the weapon is thrown when reloaded, sacrificing the remaining ammo in the magazine, but deals damage based on remaining ammo when thrown.
  • Vladof – highest firing rates, but lower than average accuracy.
  • Maliwan – guaranteed to have an elemental effect.
  • Jakobs – smaller magazines, but highest damage and good accuracy.
  • Dahl – a jack-of-all-trades with stats that are pretty average, and features automatic, semi-automatic, and burst-fire firing options depending on the weapon.
  • Atlas – secondary fire shoots a tracker puck, which if hits an enemy will make all shots fired for a duration automatically hone in on the tagged enemy.
  • COV – unlimited magazine size, however the weapon will overheat after a certain number of shots if continuously fired.

Glitch Fest

Borderlands 3 unfortunately has a lot of annoying glitches at the moment. Most are minor inconveniences, but a few are more serious.

  • Some of the vehicles Ellie wants you to retrieve for crew challenges will crash the game.
  • A number of miscellaneous trophies are buggy, though these have been explained in greater detail in the guide.
  • Enemies that need to be killed to progress glitching out of the map or into out of bounds areas.
  • There is a small chance of any story related trophy to not unlock. It has been reported that this is related to playing in co-op, which is unfortunate given co-op is the preferable way to play the game, though this is not officially confirmed.

Other Tips

  • There are actually two difficulty options in this game, being easy or normal. There are no difficulty related trophies, so you can select easy mode if you want. The difficulty can be changed at anytime in the game via the settings.
  • Nearly all trophies can be earned in co-op, online or splitscreen.
  • When you have some spare cash make sure to buy some SDUs from Marcus’s shop aboard Sanctuary. These upgrades increase your maximum ammo capacity for each weapon type, your backpack storage, and bank storage.
  • On that note, you don’t find nearly as much money in this game as the previous entries, though most items are less expensive to purchase.
  • Many weapons now have the ability to switch between multiple firing modes by hitting Down. This can be as simple as full auto to semi auto, but may also include changing between different elemental effects, explosive bullets, etc.


Ultimate Vault Hunter
Unlock all Borderlands® 3 Trophies.

This is the platinum. earn all other base-game trophies to unlock.

You Got Skills 
Reach level 2.

You’ll need a total of 357 XP to reach level 2. Doing so will unlock the first skill point of the game to unlock a character’s action skill(s). See Gold Biggest Badass In The Borderlands for more details. This is one of the first trophies you will unlock, likely within the first half hour of playing.

Star Bound  
Reach level 10.

You’ll need a total of 357 XP to reach level 2. Doing so will unlock the first skill point of the game to unlock a character’s action skill(s). See Gold Biggest Badass In The Borderlands for more details. This is one of the first trophies you will unlock, likely within the first half hour of playing.

Vaulting Your Way To The Top upscale-245262160018212
Reach level 25.

You’ll need a total of 357 XP to reach level 2. Doing so will unlock the first skill point of the game to unlock a character’s action skill(s). See Gold Biggest Badass In The Borderlands for more details. This is one of the first trophies you will unlock, likely within the first half hour of playing.

Biggest Badass In The Borderlands Gold
Reach level 50.

All borderlands games use the same calculation for leveling (60(x)2.8 − 60) (x = The level you want to get to).

You will gain XP from pretty much everything you do (completing missions, killing enemies, crew challenges, etc). Every time you level up, you will obtain a skill point, which can be placed into any of your skill trees to make your character stronger. Here is a full chart for every level in the game, and the required XP.

Level XP Required Cumulative XP Cumulative Skill Points
1 0 0 0
2 358 358 1
3 883 1,241 2
4 1,609 2,850 3
5 2,526 5,376 4
6 3,621 8,997 5
7 4,889 13,886 6
8 6,332 20,208 7
9 7,918 28,126 8
10 9,672 37,798 9
11 11,579 49,377 10
12 13,639 63,016 11
13 15,845 78,861 12
14 18,200 97,061 13
15 20,696 117,757 14
16 23,335 141,092 15
17 26,115 167,207 16
18 29,031 196,238 17
19 32,084 228,322 18
20 35,273 263,595 19
21 38,595 302,190 20
22 42,048 344,238 21
23 45,635 389,873 22
24 49,349 439,222 23
25 53,192 492,414 24
26 57,164 549,578 25
27 61,262 610,840 26
28 65,485 676,325 27
29 69,833 746,158 28
30 74,305 820,463 29
31 78,900 899,363 30
32 83,617 982,980 31
33 88,456 1,071,463 32
34 93,414 1,164,850 33
35 98,493 1,263,343 34
36 103,691 1,367,043 35
37 109,007 1,476,041 36
38 114,442 1,590,483 37
39 119,993 1,710,476 38
40 125,661 1,836,137 39
41 131,445 1,967,582 40
42 137,344 2,104,926 41
43 143,359 2,248,285 42
44 149,487 2,397,772 43
45 155,792 2,553,501 44
46 162,085 2,715,586 45
47 168,553 2,884,139 46
48 175,134 3,059,273 47
49 181,825 3,241,098 48
50 188,630 3,429,728 49

By the time you have finished the main story and all the side activities in the game, you should be pretty close to hitting level 50. In order to continue leveling up and earning XP, you will want to start playing in True Vault Hunter Mode, aka New Game Plus. In this mode, enemies will be much higher leveled and story progress will be reset, but you will carry over your level, items, upgrades, etc. The best part is that you can switch between the two modes from the main menu whenever you want, allowing you to go back to your original playthrough and complete any remaining activities much more easily.

Unlock 10 Character Heads or Skins.

Heads and skins are unlockable cosmetics that can be found in chests, looted from dead enemies, purchased from Crazy Earl aboard Sanctuary, or rewarded from completing missions.

To unlock the heads and skins, press Touch Pad to go to your inventory, scroll down to the new head or skin, and press Cross to unlock it. After you unlock your 10th head/skin, the trophy will unlock. This should unlock naturally by the time you finish the story.

Note: Some users have stated that this trophy is buggy and may not unlock after obtaining 10 items. You may want to hold off on redeeming anything until you have 10 items at once (stored in your bank), back up your save to the cloud, and redeem all 10 at once. If it doesn’t unlock, you can reload the save and try again, or wait for a patch.

Unlock 10 Vehicle Parts via hijacking.

Hijacking is a new feature in Borderlands that allows you to upgrade vehicles like never before.

When near an enemy occupied vehicle, press Square to hijack and take over control of it. Drive to one of Ellie’s Catch a Ride stations and the car will deconstruct. If there are any new parts on the vehicle, they will be added to the upgrade station.

Once you unlock 10 unique vehicle parts the trophy will unlock. As long as you do a decent amount of hijacking, you should get this trophy by the time you finish the story.

Tips Appreciated  
Tip Moxxi.

Once you’ve unlocked Sanctuary, head to Moxxi’s bar (marked on the mini-map by a slot machine icon) and walk up to the counter. There will be a tip jar on it, which allows you to donate either $100 or $1000. Pick either option to unlock this trophy.

Credit to PowerPyx for the video.

I Hope You Didn’t Tea-bag  
Win a duel.

While in a co-op game press R3 to melee hit your co-op partner and request a duel. This will cause a node-type object to drop to the ground. Have the second player hold Square while looking at the node to accept the duel. After about 20 seconds you will be able to duel. Kill your partner to unlock the trophy. This can be done with random players online or in split-screen.

Stay Away From The Light
Revive another player.

When a player’s health reaches zero, they will enter “Fight for Your Life” mode; if they get a kill quickly they will revive themselves, but if they don’t, they will respawn at a nearby New-U station. To get this trophy, you’ll have to revive another player who is dying. Simply press and hold Square to revive them. If you don’t have any friends playing Borderlands 3 yet, you can use random matchmaking to find players, or you can create a game session here. You can also do this with a second controller while playing in split-screen.

Note: You will have to revive NPC allies at times throughout the game, but these revives will not count.

Gun Pals!  
Send an item to a friend.

To send an item to a friend press Options on your controller to enter the pause menu and scroll over to “social”. Now scroll over to the “mail” tab and press Square to select an item to send, then select a friend to send it to. As long as you have someone on your friends list you can send an item to them, they don’t even need to own the game.

Dropping Loads  
Win a live grenade at a Slot Machine.

While at Sanctuary, head to Moxxi’s bar, where you will find four slot machines. To get this trophy, you have to “win” a live grenade from one of the machines. Avoid using the one that costs Eridium, as it cannot dispense live grenades. This trophy is entirely luck based, so you will just have to keep playing the machines until one tosses out a grenade. It may take only a few tries, it may take $10,000. However, if you don’t want to waste your money, simply backup your save to an external drive or the PS Plus Cloud, get the trophy, and reload the save.

Credit to PowerPyx for the video.

Good Against Remotes Is One Thing
Get a perfect score at the Firing Range on any difficulty.

Once you’ve unlocked Sanctuary head to Marcus’ area (marked on the mini-map by the ammo dump and Marcus’ munitions vending machines) and proceed downstairs to the range (marked on your mini-map by a rubber duck). Here you will find two computers next to the range, one explaining the rules, the other to start the mini-game. You can pick either normal or challenge mode; the trophy unlocks on either difficulty so it is recommended to pick normal mode.

You will have to shoot 15 enemy cut-outs within 20 seconds to get a perfect score. It is recommended to use an SMG or assault rifle with a fast rate of fire and a decent magazine size for this, as accuracy does not factor in to your score. Some shotguns also work well. Upon successfully shooting all targets in the required time there will be a firework effect and the trophy will unlock.

It is best to wait and do this trophy once you have completed the story and have some stronger weapons and higher level skills. This trophy is much easier in co-op, as the number of players does not affect the requirements.

Credit to PowerPyx for the video.

My Name Is Earl
Buy 20 cosmetic items from Crazy Earl.

Once you’re aboard Sanctuary you’ll be introduced to Crazy Earl. He’ll sell you all sorts of items for Eridium. Eridium is a special purple  currency that drops from enemies randomly, by breaking purple crystals, and as rewards for completing missions and crew challenges.

The items are as follows:

  • Cosmetics (heads and skins)
  • Emotes
  • Echo themes
  • Weapon trinkets
  • Weapon skins
  • Room decorations

For this trophy, you need to purchase 20 cosmetic items. All of these types of items count toward the trophy. However, Earl also has a vending machine where you can buy weapons for Eridium. Avoid doing this, as weapons don’t count towards the trophy. While Eridium is not particularly hard to come by, you will need a ton of it to buy 20 items, probably over 1000 depending on what you choose to buy, so you won’t be able to finish this until pretty late in the game.

Note: This trophy has been reported as being glitched by numerous users. It is highly recommended that you save up your Eridium, back up your save to the cloud, and purchase all the items at once. If the trophy doesn’t unlock, you can reload the save and try again, or wait for a patch.

Tales From The Eridian Slab upscale-245262160018212
Decipher all of the Eridian Slabs.

There are 30 Eridian slabs spread throughout the game, and you cannot decipher them until you progress the main story to the point where you receive the Eridian decoder as a vault reward. Once you have the decoder, deciphering a slab is as simple as finding its location and pressing Square  when prompted. Decipher all 30 to unlock the trophy.

Note: this trophy has been known to be a little buggy for some players. To fix the glitch, you should re-scan the slab in the Infirmary on Sanctuary; this should fix the problem. Also, the tracker on the galactic map is buggy, and may report as many as 36/30 slabs found.

Credit to PowerPyx for the video.

Slaughterhouse 3
Complete all the Circles of Slaughter.

To earn this this trophy you must complete all three Circle of Slaughter Missions. These missions are Slaughterstar 3000Cistern of Slaughter and The Slaughter Shaft.

Circles of Slaughter are combat arenas. In each arena, you will have to clear five rounds, each containing three, four, or five waves of increasingly difficult enemies. If all players die, you will have to restart the round.

Slaughterstar 3000 can only be started near the end of the game, however the other two can be completed as soon as you discover them. Cistern of Slaughter can be found by using a map transition in Meridian Metroplex, and The Slaughter Shaft can be found by using a map transition in Konrad’s Hold. You will run across the quest to discover Slaughterstar 3000 near the end of the story. These missions will scale to your current player level, with varying enemies depending on the arena you chose.

Cistern of Slaughter is arguably the easiest and features beast creatures (such as spiderants, raak, and jabbers), but due to the layout it is harder to run circles and escape to heal. The Slaughter Shaft is harder and features COV enemies, though it contains some buildings and areas where you can hide for a few seconds. Slaughterstar 3000 is the hardest of all as it features Maliwan enemies, who tend to have mech suits, armor, shields, and plenty of robotic enemies.

This is the hardest trophy in the game, as this is the only game where the circles scale to your level. You will want to make sure you have purchased a few ammo SDUs from Marcus aboard Sanctuary so you don’t run out of ammo. You should be as close to level 50 as possible so you have a lot of skills. If you find yourself struggling, you may want to drop the difficulty down to easy if it’s on normal, or bring along at least one partner. There are also some exploits in the game that can make you invincible; see the second video below for more details, though this will probably be patched in the future.

Credit to PowerPyx for the video

Credit to TritanArmy for the video.

A Hundred Names For Sand
Discover all named locations on Pandora.

Pandora has thirteen zones, with 78 locations to discover across them. Please see Silver Master Of All You Survey for general tips. Below you will find an image with the name of the thirteen zones, as well as how many locations are present in each.

Zone Number of Named Locations
Covenant Pass 3
The Droughts 13
Ascension Bluff 5
Devil’s Razor 13
The Splinterlands 6
Carnivora 5
Guts of Carnivora 5
Konrad’s Hold 12
Sandblast Scar 4
Cathedral of the Twin Gods 5
The Great Vault 2
The Slaughter Shaft 1
Destroyer’s Rift 4

Discover all named locations on Eden-6.

Eden-6 has seven zones, with 63 locations to discover across them. Please see Silver Master Of All You Survey for general tips. Below you will find an image with the name of the seven zones, as well as how many locations are present in each.

Zone Number of Named Locations
*Floodmoor Basin* 15
The Anvil 7
Jakobs Estate 10
Voracious Canopy 11
Ambermire 10
Blackbarrel Cellars 8
The Floating Tomb 2

*Please pay special attention to the area of Floodmoor Basin pictured below. You must be exactly where the pink waypoint is on the map (pictured below), directly in front of, or even touching the sign (pictured further below) for a hard to find location to count as found.

City Slicker
Discover all named locations on Promethea.

Promethea has eight zones, with 43 locations to discover across them. Please see Silver Master Of All You Survey for general tips. Below you will find an image with the name of the eight zones, as well as how many locations are present in each.

Zone Number of Named Locations
Meridian Outskirts 3
Meridian Metroplex 6
Lectra City 8
Skywell-27 8
Atlas HQ 9
Neon Arterial 6
The Forgotten Basilica 2
Cistern of Slaughter 1

Exoarchaeolo—You Get the Gist
Discover all named locations on Nekrotafeyo.

Nekrotafeyo has three zones, with 27 locations to discover across them. Please see Silver Master Of All You Survey for general tips. Below you will find an image with the name of the three zones, as well as how many locations are present in each.

Zone Number of Named Locations
Desolation’s Edge 9
Tazendeer Ruins 8
The Pyre of Stars 10

Master Of All You Survey upscale-245262160018212
Discover all named locations.
Buggy: Pitt’s Stop in the Splinterlands is bugged. Keep going in and out and running around the location until it gets re-discovered.
To get this trophy, you must discover all 223 named locations throughout the galaxy. Along the way, you will unlock
Bronze A Hundred Names For Sand,
Bronze Swamped,
Bronze City Slicker
Bronze Exoarchaeolo-You Get the Gist,

for discovering all named locations on Pandora, Eden-6, Promethea, and Nekrotafeyo respectively; this will give you 211 of the 223 locations.

Sanctuary does not have any named locations. Athenas has a single zone encompassing five locations. Slaughterstar 3000, accessed late in the story, contains a single location. Finally, each of the six proving grounds contains a single location.

PowerPyx has assembled an excellent series of images and maps on his website detailing exactly where every single named location on every planet can be found. The guide is located here.

General tips:

  • Discovering named locations is as simple as removing the grey area from your mini-map, and turning it blue. This is done by being present in the area, and happens automatically. While you don’t need to reveal the entire map to find all locations, you’ll be able to find all of the crew challenges if you do.
  • Some zones may have locations that are seemingly inaccessible. Try clearing out the story missions in the area first, then start clearing out the side missions. Some areas are locked until a mission objective takes you there so if you can’t get to a section of the map quite yet, this is likely why.
  • Press L3 while viewing the mini-map to view your zone progress. This details how many locations you’ve found, and how many remain.
  • Is the entire map revealed, and you’re still missing a location? If this is the case you’re likely looking for a very small area, such as a room, that you didn’t actually enter, but got close enough to reveal on the map.
À La Carte
Complete 20 Side Missions.

See Gold Getting A Little On The Side for more details. You should have no problem completing 20 side missions, as some are very short and easy.

Getting A Little On The Side Gold
Complete all Side Missions.

There are a total of 75 true side missions in the game. Side missions are triggered by interacting with yellow “!” icons on the map, just like main quests. They are not the same as the new Crew Challenges (hunts, Typhon logs, etc), which don’t need to be completed for this trophy. Keep in mind that some side quests can not be started until you have finished an earlier side or main quest.

Note 1: the 16 rare spawn missions that pop up on occasion from Sanctuary do not count towards this trophy. These missions will pop up at random times from boards on Sanctuary, across from the Gold Key chest. These will task you with finding and killing a specific target on a random planet.

Note 2: the tracker for missions on the overall Galactic Map is incorrect, as it will register 96/96 well before you finish everything. So it is better to rely on the trackers for each individual planet.

Mission Planet Zone (where you accept quest) Level
Powerful Connection Pandora The Droughts 2
Dump on Dumptruck Pandora The Droughts 4
Bad Reception Pandora The Droughts 5
Head Case Pandora Ascension Bluff 6
Skag Dog Days Pandora The Droughts 7
Under Taker Pandora The Droughts 7
Golden Calves Pandora Ascension Bluff 8
Maliwannabees Promethea Meridian Outskirts 10
Healers and Dealers Promethea Meridian Outskirts 10
Just A Prick Sanctuary N/A 12
Rise and Grind Promethea Meridian Metroplex 12
Dynasty Diner Promethea Meridian Metroplex 12
Kill Killavolt Sanctuary N/A 13
Proof of Wife Promethea Lectra City 13
Porta Prison Promethea Lectra City 13
Holy Spirits Athenas N/A 13
Technical NOGout Promethea Meridian Metroplex 14
Opposition Research Skywell-27 Skywell-27 16
Invasion of Privacy Sanctuary N/A 17
Ratch’d Up Promethea Atlas HQ 17
The Kevin Konundrum Sanctuary N/A 22
Don’t Truck with Eden-6 Eden-6 Floodmoor Basin 22
Get Quick, Slick Eden-6 Floodmoor Basin 22
On the Blood Path Eden-6 The Anvil 23
Malevolent Practice Eden-6 Floodmoor Basin 24
Witch’s Brew Eden-6 Jakob’s Estate 25
Sacked Eden-6 Jakob’s Estate 25
Sell Out Eden-6 Ambermire 26
Raiders of the Lost Rock Sanctuary N/A 26
The Homestead Pandora The Splinterlands 26
The Homestead (Part 2) Pandora The Splinterlands 26
The Homestead (Part 3) Pandora The Splinterlands 26
Just Desserts Pandora The Splinterlands 26
Let’s Get it Vaughn Pandora Carnivora 26
Irregular Customers Eden-6 Floodmoor Basin 27
Capture the Frag Eden-6 Floodmoor Basin 27
Dynasty Dash: Eden-6 Eden-6 Floodmoor Basin 27
Dynasty Dash: Floodmoor Basin Eden-6 Floodmoor Basin 27
Swamp Bro Eden-6 Floodmoor Basin 27
Rumble In The Jungle Eden-6 Voracious Canopy 29
Pandora’s Next Top Mouthpiece Sanctuary N/A 31
ECHOnet Neutrality* Sanctuary N/A 33
Dynasty Dash: Pandora Pandora Devil’s Razor 33
Dynasty Dash: Devil’s Razor Pandora Devil’s Razor 33
Boom Boom Boomtown Pandora Devil’s Razor 33
Life of the Party Pandora Devil’s Razor 33
Sheega’s All That Pandora Devil’s Razor 34
Buff Film Buff Pandora Devil’s Razor 34
The Feeble and the Furious Pandora Devil’s Razor 34
Wildlife Conservation Pandora Konrad’s Hold 35
Childhood’s End Pandora Konrad’s Hold 35
The Demon in the Dark Pandora Konrad’s Hold 35
Baby Dancer Sanctuary N/A 35
Transaction-Packed Nekrotafeyo Desolation’s Edge 36
Cannonization Nekrotafeyo Desolation’s Edge 36
Homeopathological Nekrotafeyo Desolation’s Edge 36
Bad Vibrations Nekrotafeyo Desolation’s Edge 36
It’s Alive Nekrotafeyo Desolation’s Edge 36
Fire in the Sky Nekrotafeyo Desolation’s Edge 36
Discover the Trial of Cunning Pandora The Splinterlands 26
Trial of Cunning Proving Grounds – Cunning Ghostlight Beacon Scales to your level
Discover the Trial of Survival Pandora Devil’s Razor 33
Trial of Survival Proving Grounds – Survival Gradient of Dawn Scales to your level
Discover the Trial of Discipline Promethea Meridian Outskirts 33
Trial of Discipline Proving Grounds – Discipline Precipice Anchor Scales to your level
Discover the Trial of Fervor Eden-6 Jakob’s Estate 33
Trial of Fervor Proving Grounds – Fervor The Skydrowned Pulpit Scales to your level
Discover the Trial of Instinct Eden-6 Floodmoor Basin 33
Trial of Instinct Proving Grounds – Instinct Wayward Tether Scales to your level
Discover the Trial of Supremacy Nekrotafeyo Desolation’s Edge 36
Trial of Supremacy Proving Grounds – Supremacy The Hall Obsidian Scales to your level
The Slaughter Shaft Pandora The Slaughter Shaft (from Konrad’s Hold) Scales to your level
Cistern of Slaughter Promethea Cistern of Slaughter (from Meridian Metroplex) Scales to your level
Welcome to Slaughterstar 3000 Nekrotafeyo Desolation’s Edge Scales to your level
Slaugherstar 3000 Slaughterstar 3000 N/A Scales to your level

*This mission is buggy to start, as the marker will sometimes appear on Pandora in The Droughts and sometimes on Sanctuary, but may disappear upon fast travel. It should start by talking to Claptrap.

Quests marked in blue are repeatable quests that only need to be completed once. Keep in mind that just because a quest starts in a certain zone on a planet, does not mean it will count towards that area’s completion. Many of the quests take you to other zones to do everything.

100 Proof upscale-245262160018212
Clear all the Eridian Proving Grounds.

Eridian Proving Grounds are similar to Circle of Slaughter Arenas, only shorter with a linear path. There are six Eridian proving grounds. To clear each proving ground, you must first complete a side quest to discover the trial itself, and then a second side quest to complete the actual trial. This makes a total of 12 side quests needed for Gold Getting A Little On The Side.

These proving grounds are broken into multiple areas each (please note that each proving ground consists of a single location for  Silver Master Of All You Survey), and each area functions as a small arena. Different proving grounds will feature different enemy combatants, ranging from Maliwan soldiers to beasts. After clearing all areas, you will have to fight a boss, and then put its severed head in a chest at the end of the trial. This will complete the mission. Proving grounds will scale to your level, but they are generally quite a bit easier than the Circles of Slaughter. They are each timed, and failing to kill the boss before the time runs out, or leaving the area, will fail the quest and force you to restart.

Each trial contains optional objectives, but they don’t have to be completed for the trophy.

Got Big Game
Defeat all of Hammerlock’s Legendary Hunts.

Hammerlock’s Hunts are a series of Crew Challenges across some areas of Borderlands 3. The challenges will appear when you reveal the surrounding area on your map, being depicted as a beast skull.Each target is some kind of enemy, generally a little tougher than those in the surrounding area. There are a total of ten of these hunts to complete for the trophy.  These enemies do not scale to your level, so if you wait and take them out after completing the story, you will be completely over leveled and should have no problem killing them.

To keep track of which hunts you’ve already completed go to Hammerlock’s quarters aboard Sanctuary, located on the top floor of the ship, on the right side above Marcus’ area.

Zer0ed In
Defeat all of Zer0’s Targets of Opportunity.

Zer0’s Targets of Opportunity are a series of Crew Challenges across some areas of Borderlands 3. The challenges will appear when you reveal the surrounding area on your map, being depicted as a pair of crossing swords. Each target is some kind of enemy, generally a little tougher than those in the surrounding area. There are a total of ten of these targets to kill for the trophy. These enemies do not scale to your level, so if you wait and take them out after completing the story, you will be completely over leveled and should have no problem killing them.

To keep track of which targets you’ve already eliminated go to Zer0’s quarters aboard Sanctuary, located directly ahead of the fast travel station, down the stairs in the cargo hold, to your left upon reaching the three window overlook.

Barreled Right Over Them
Kill an enemy with an exploding barrel.

Throughout the game you will come across many types of exploding barrels, ranging from ones that do fire damage to ones that do radiation damage. The barrels look like the trophy picture, with varying colors and symbols on them to tell you what kind of damage they do. When you spot an enemy near one, shoot the enemy to lower their health and then shoot the barrel until it explodes. As long as the explosion deals the finishing blow to the enemy, you will unlock the trophy. This one will come through natural progression, probably within the first couple hours of gameplay.

Feelin’ A Little Stabby
Kill an enemy, knifing them with a gun blade.

Throughout your play-through, you will come across guns with bayonets attached to them. Once you have found one, equip it and your melee attack will change to a bayonet attack for as long as you hold that gun. The weapon should also have a modifier stating “–% melee damage” if you view it in your inventory. Kill any enemy with the bayonet to unlock the trophy. This trophy should also come through natural progression.

Stick It To ‘Em
Kill two or more enemies with a single sticky grenade.

To earn this trophy you will need to equip a sticky grenade mod, so if you come across one dropped as loot make sure to grab it. These mods are also commonly sold in the ammo dump vending machines so it’s generally easy to obtain one. Once you have one equipped find a group of enemies, the more the better. Shoot them to lower their health and then toss out a sticky grenade. If you successfully kill at least two enemies this trophy will unlock. The grenade does not have to stick to one of the enemies.

Note: some Torgue weapons are essentially grenade launchers, and you may be able to change the firing mode to shoot sticky grenades. These “grenades” will not count towards this trophy, it must be done with a sticky grenade mod.

On Fleek upscale-245262160018212
Equip purple-rarity gear or better in every slot.

Purple-level gear (“epic”) is the second rarest type of equipment, inferior only to orange (“legendary”). You won’t be able to complete this trophy until you have finished the 16th story mission “Cold as the Grave“. Upon doing so you will unlock the ability to equip artifacts, and finishing the missions leading up to this will unlock all other previously locked slots in your inventory. The slots you need to fill are as follows:

  • Four weapons slots
  • Grenades
  • Class mods
  • Shields
  • Artifacts

While going through the game, it’s a good idea to keep any purple or orange level items you come across in your inventory or in the storage bank in your room on Sanctuary in preparation for this trophy. If you’ve finished the 16th mission and do not have the required rarity level items, you can buy purple level items from the vending machines occasionally, or simply keep playing through the game and loot fallen enemies and chests to find them. This trophy will likely unlock naturally while completing the end-game activities.

Rewards Card
Earn a Loyalty Package from each weapon manufacturer.

Loyalty Packages are a new form of reward you can get by using guns from specific manufacturers. You can begin to receive these rewards once you arrive at Promethea. To unlock these rewards, you have to get 100 kills with weapons of a manufacturer (they don’t have to be done in a row.) Upon killing 100 enemies with weapons from a certain manufacturer, you can find the loyalty package waiting for you in the mail, under social in the pause menu. You can receive an unlimited number of rewards packages from each manufacturer.

The manufacturers are:

  • Atlas
  • Children of the Vault (COV)
  • Dahl
  • Hyperion
  • Jakobs
  • Maliwan
  • Torgue
  • Tediore
  • Vladof

In total, you’ll need to kill 900 enemies, 100 per manufacturer. These kills can easily be farmed on Pandora once you are a higher level. There is a good chance you will earn some of these rewards through natural progression, but you will have to grind a few later on.

Note: some of these weapons manufacturers’ weapons won’t appear until later into the game. For example, Maliwan won’t appear until after you’ve arrived on Promethea.

Welcome to the Crimson Raiders
Complete mission “Children of the Vault”.

This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the first story mission “Children of the Vault“. This is the first mission in the game, in which you will go through the normal tutorial stuff, as well as fight the first boss Shiv.

So Long, Pandora!
Complete mission “Taking Flight”.

This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the fourth story mission “Taking Flight“.

After gaining the ability to use vehicles and doing some simple quests around Pandora, the Raiders gain control of the Vault map, only to lose it to the COV, as well as Lilith’s siren powers. With no other option, the group takes flight in a spaceship, the new Sanctuary, to follow the map.
NOG It Off
Complete mission “Hostile Takeover”.

This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the sixth story mission “Hostile Takeover“.

As Sanctuary approaches Promethea they receive a distress signal from Atlas, the corporation in control of the planet. You meet an Atlas military leader named Lorelei, learning that Maliwan has aligned with the Calypso twins and COV to take the planet. After retaking an Atlas facility, you’ll meet help Zero and help him upgrade his sword. This eventually leads to a boss fight to retrieve an item for Rhys, returning from Tales From The Borderlands as the new CEO of Atlas.
I Mustache You A Question
Complete mission “Atlas, At Last”.

Buggy: Might not unlock in co-op

This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the ninth story mission “Atlas, At Last“.

The Vault Hunters return to Promethea to retrieve the last Vault Key fragment from Rhys, only to find the Atlas HQ under attack. After fighting through the building killing Maliwan forces, you will fight Katagawa, the CEO of Maliwan. His fight isn’t particularly difficult but takes a while. Katagawa has a suit like Zer0’s, which can duplicate and teleport him around the area. You will have to constantly try to find the real enemy and shoot him, though his shields regenerate really fast. Once he goes down, tell Rhys whether or not you like his mustache to gain the key fragment and complete the mission.
Gone From My Sight
Complete mission “Beneath the Meridian”.

This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the tenth story mission “Beneath the Meridian“.

With the Promethea vault key in hand, the Vault Hunters and Maya head to the vault to loot its valuable contents. Upon arriving, you will have to defeat the Ravager, sort of like the final boss from the original game but much smaller. It will jump around the area shooting fire, radiation, and corrosive balls at you, which do a lot of damage but aren’t that hard to dodge. The boss is basically just a bullet sponge, so keep pumping it with ammo until it dies. Upon entering the vault, you will get an Eridium ability that lets you break Eridium crystals. Upon exiting, the Calypsos will arrive and drain power from the Ravager. They also manage to drain and destroy Maya, leaving the Raiders in a tough spot.
That Was Cold
Complete mission “Lair of the Harpy”.

This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the twelfth story mission “Lair of the Harpy“.

The vault hunters arrive on Eden-6, a jungle planet, in order to help Wainwright Jakobs, who is attempting to regain control of the Jakobs company from Aurelia, Sir Hammerlock’s sister. After saving Hammerlock with the help of Brick, Mordecai, and (no longer tiny) Tina, the hunters head to Jakob’s Manor to deal with Aurelia and the Calypsos and look for the vault key. Instead, they retrieve a record detailing its location. There are two boss fights during this time, the first against the Warden to rescue Hammerlock; he is pretty easy as long as you have a corrosive weapon. The second boss is a mutated Goliath that has a powerful shockwave attack and a ton of health, but is weak to fire.
Heir To An Empty Castle
Complete mission “Cold as the Grave”.

This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the sixteenth story mission “Cold as the Grave“.

The vault hunters scour Eden-6 to find the three vault key fragments, You will complete a few story missions and fight a few bosses, though nothing much of interest until the end of the 15th mission, in which you will fight Aurelia. She has a fairly weak shield but it often regenerates quickly, attacks with ice, and has a good amount of health. Once she goes down, the group heads to the planet’s vault, where you will fight the Graveward. His attacks aren’t the most damaging and some can be avoided, but he has a colossal amount of health, so you will need a lot of ammo. After beating the boss, Tannis will destroy it so the Calypsos don’t take its power, only for them to instead capture Tannis.
Cross The Streamers
Complete mission “Blood Drive”.

This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the seventeenth story mission “Blood Drive“.

After discovering that Tannis has been taken back to Pandora, the Raiders, with help from Vaughn, make their way to the “Carnivora” festival, which turns out to be a giant Mortal Engines style town mounted on tank treads. After stopping the vehicle, the vault hunters climb through it to find Tannis, and are forced to fight the Agonizer 9000. The boss has a ton of health but plenty of weak points and its attacks aren’t overly damaging, though he will try to combo you with fire on the ground and a blade at the same time. Upon defeating the boss, Tannis is revealed to have gained Siren powers after Angel died in Borderlands 2, and the group returns to Sanctuary to plot their next move.
Complete mission “The Great Vault”.

This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the nineteenth story mission “The Great Vault“.

After getting an Eridium amplifier for Tannis, the Calypsos reveal that the vault key for the Great Vault is the moon of Elpis, and begin charging it. With little time left, the Raiders, Atlas, and Jakobs launch an assault on the Calypso base and the vault dig site. Troy begins draining his sister in order to gain enough power to charge the moon, resulting in a boss fight. Troy doesn’t have a ton of health, but his attacks are very damaging, and his lunging attack is tough to dodge. He will also periodically become invincible and summon weak minions that can be used for second winds. Once Troy goes down, Ava absorbs Maya’s siren powers. However, Tyreen wakes up, dissolves Troy, gaining the rest of his power, and prepares to open the Great Vault, revealed to be Pandora itself. Though all seems lost, the group is contacted by Typhon DeLeon, the first vault hunter, and called to his planet.
I Am A Goddess, A Glorious Female Warrior
Complete mission “In the Shadow of Starlight”.

This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the twenty-second story mission “In the Shadow of Starlight“.

The Raiders head to the fabled planet of Nekrotafeyo to meet with Typhon DeLeon, the first Vault Hunter, but find the planet under siege from Maliwan forces. It is eventually revealed that Typhon is the father of the Calypsos, and the real reasons behind the existence of Pandora are revealed. The vault hunters obtain the vault key for Nekrotafeyo, then enter the interior of the planet to stop the Great Vault from opening. After fighting through hordes of enemies and placing the four vault keys, Tannis attempts to stop the vault, only for Tyreen to attack. Typhon is killed trying to contain her, and she departs to Pandora, intent on absorbing the power of The Destroyer to become a God and control the universe.
Bye, Felicia! Gold
Complete mission “Divine Retribution”.

This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the twenty-third and final story mission “Divine Retribution“.

Upon completion of this mission, you will also unlock the new Mayhem Mode. You activate this mode on Sanctuary. In Mayhem Mode, enemies do a lot more damage, have way more health, and have other random effects such as resistance to various elements. However, you also get much better loot, as well as boosts to XP and cash.

The Vault Hunters return to Pandora for a final showdown with Tyreen, who merges with The Destroyer from the first game to become Tyreen The Destroyer. She is a level 42 enemy, and, similarly to the first game and the original Destroyer, is a bit of a pushover. Most of her attacks aren’t particularly damaging and are easy to avoid, and she doesn’t even have a whole lot of health. Every 1/4 of her health, she will become invincible, during which time you can either wait for about a minute, or climb on top of her and wound her back to get a few seconds of critical hits.
Once Tyreen goes down, Lilith regains her siren powers, and you get to loot another vault. However, with Elpis still threatening Pandora, Lilith uses her powers to shut down Elpis, presumably sacrificing herself in the process. The credits will show the fates of some characters and the mourning of Lilith across the galaxy, though Tannis believes her to be alive somewhere. After the credits, head back to Sanctuary to complete the main story and unlock the trophy.
Florida Man
Down yourself by grenade or explosion.

Once you’ve earned the ability to equip grenades, fill up on them (default grenade capacity is 3) and then remove your shield. Throw all of them at your feet and the resulting damage should be enough to down yourself, unlocking this trophy. If you didn’t cause enough damage, make sure to equip a grenade mod to ensure the damage is high enough. This may come naturally if you use a lot of grenades. Hey, at least you didn’t throw an alligator through a Wendy’s drive through window…

Stay Golden
Use a Golden Key.

To use a golden key, first you must have one in your possession. The only known way to earn golden keys at the time of writing this is by redeeming Shift codes. To redeem a Shift code, press Options and go to social, then tab over to Shift. You will need to link your Shift account if it’s not already; if you don’t have one they are free to create. You can find codes either on Gearbox’s social media accounts, or more simply by googling “Borderlands 3 golden keys”. Once you enter the code, you will need to check your mail tab, under social in the menu, to get the key. Once you finally have at least one key in your possession you need to use it on the golden chest aboard Sanctuary, which can be easily found on the mini-map (golden chest icon). After unlocking the chest you will earn the trophy.

A few key codes a are listed below:

  • Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT6
  • ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H (3 Golden Keys)

It’s worth noting that all loot from the golden chest will scale to your current player level, and the loot inside has a higher than usual chance to be legendary. If you only have one key, it’s best to wait until either you desperately need better equipment or you’ve reached (or gotten close to) max level.

Damn, Gina upscale-245262160018212
Obtain all Vault Rewards.

Buggy: Might not unlock in co-op

This trophy will unlock at the end of the 21st story mission “Footsteps of Giants“. The vault rewards the trophy description refers to are not the chests found inside the vaults, it is referring to the quest related objects found inside the vaults such as the Eridium decoder or the Eridium rock smasher. At the end of the 21st mission you will obtain the last vault reward, as you cannot progress the main quest without obtaining all other vault rewards previous to this.

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