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Blue Rider Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 8/10
Estimated time to platinum/100%: 8 – 12 hours
Difficulty related: None
Playthrough: 2


Welcome to the Blue Rider Trophy Guide! s the Blue Rider, it is your duty to save the world in this fast paced bullet hell shmup! Can you become the ultimate Blue Rider?


Step 1: Play the Game and Learn the Levels

In this stage just play the game normally. It’ll probably take you a couple tries to get through some levels and learn the strategy to each of the bosses, but when you do you’ll feel great when you finally make it onto the next stage! This would also be the perfect time to tackle to collectibles so you don’t have to worry about collecting them at a later time. They are mostly out in the open, but can be easily missed if you don’t look for them. After this stage you should have all but 3 of the trophies!

You’ll be earning these trophies:

Silver First Blood
Silver Spider
Silver Scorpion

Gold Worms
Gold Octopus
Gold Totem
Gold Train
Gold Flyer
Gold Final Boss
Gold Relic Hunter

Step 2: Practice all the Stages

In this stage what you will want to do is practice all of the stages until you feel very very comfortable with all of them and you know you can beat the bosses without dying! At the same time you should try to finish 3 levels in a row without getting touched for Gold Untouchable. The first 3 levels are the easiest, as there are less enemies and the bosses are easiest. By the end of this stage you should know all the stages and good strategies to every boss!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:

Gold Untouchable

Step 3: Complete all Stages Without Dying in 1 Life

Here’s where things will get very challenging. You have to complete all 9 stages, without getting killed in a single one for Gold Survivor. This stage will take a lot of practice, patience and a lot of skill to do it all. At the same time you should be killing all the enemies on every stage in order to obtain Gold Skirmisher, as that trophy needs to be done in 1 run as well. If you succeed with this stage, you’ll have earned yourself a very shiny, brand new (and probably very, very rare) platinum trophy!

During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:

Gold Survivor
Gold Skirmisher
40-platinum Platinum Trophy

Trophy Guide:

Platinum Trophy
All trophies unlocked

Unlock all other trophies

First Blood upscale-245262160018212
You have defeated the Boss on Stage One

At the end of Stage 1, the boss is a Mech. The best strategy is to circle around the rocks of the arena and he should never be able to hurt you. The video below has a good strategy for him.

Blue Rider, Stage 1 Boss

Spider upscale-245262160018212
You have defeated the Boss on Stage Two

At the end of Stage 2, the boss is a Spider Mech that has 4 turrets placed in each corner of the arena. The best strategy is to deal with one side of turrets first, then destroy the cannon between the Boss open legs, then move to the next side of the boss, destroying the turret and destroying the cannon. Repeat this process until each side is destroyed. The boss then starts shooting bullets from each leg and missiles when each cannon is destroyed. The turrets also regenerate. You’ll know when they are about to when they stop smoking and the light on them starts blinking red. The video below shows how to defeat the boss.

Blue Rider, Stage 2 Boss

Scorpion upscale-245262160018212
You have defeated the Boss on Stage Three

The boss at the end of Stage 3 is a Scorpion Mech. He will aim a laser at you that will shoot a projectile at you, don’t let it hit you, or that 25% of your health gone. You can shoot it, or just let it explode, either way, it will send out bullets afterwards. When the scorpion opens it claws, shoot the red eye on the front of it. After it gets down it half health, it will extend it claws and shoot out little bullets plus missiles, so be very careful at this point, as the stage can fill up with bullets quickly. Continue to shoot his red eye until his health is depleted and you’ll destroy him. The following video shows how to defeat him.

Blue Rider, Stage 3 Boss Fight

Worms Gold
You have defeated the Boss on Stage Four

At the end of Stage 4, you fight the Worms. They will appear in 3 separate places, but you just have to focus on one. They will start by shooting a round of bullets, then they will all shoot balls of electricity around the map, and they will all connect and the lines between them will damage you if you’re caught in them. The best strategy would be to sit on the edge of the arena when the balls are bouncing around. The video below shows how to defeat them.

Blue Rider, Stage 4 Boss Fight

Octopus Gold
You have defeated the Boss on Stage Five

At the end of Stage 5 you’ll have to fight an Octopus. It’ll raise its tentacles out of the water that you must shoot first until they take enough damage, then it’s head will open up. That’ll be your chance to attack its health. It’ll eventually close its head and raise its tentacles again. As it gets more damaged it’ll raise more tentacles out of the water. The tentacles shoot bullets from them in a circle, while the head will shoot 3 bullets, that break into 3 bullets each, that then break into 3 more bullets, which account for a lot of bullets. At about half health it also starts to shoot missiles so you’ll have to look out for those as well. The best strategy is to stay at either of the map at any time in the battle, and definitely not in the middle! The video below shows how to destroy the boss!

Blue Rider, Stage 5 Boss Fight

Totem Gold
You have defeated the Boss on Stage Six

At the end of Stage 6 you’ll have to fight the Totem. Each layer of the totem has different attacks. Each layer of the totem accounts for 20% of the total health bar. Below are the attacks you’ll encounter during each layer. Each layer is also spinning while it attacks, so take that into account.

  • Layer 1 – Shoots a line of constant bullets that form a section that you can stay in to be safe. It then shoots rounds of bullets that don’t follow a set path.
  • Layer 2 – Shows 6 lines that have a section between all of them before then turning into lasers. When they turn off, small laser shots are then shot out in bursts that don’t follow a set pattern, so try your best to dodge.
  • Layer 3 – This layer is much easier than the previous two. This layer will just shoot yellow missiles at you that can be easily destroyed. Luckily after you destroy them they don’t shoot any bullets. You can either destroy them or circle the arena to the left and none of them should hit you.
  • Layer 4 – This layer can be pretty tough as the attack from this layer are bombs that follow you and also explode into bullets. They can be destroyed or let to explode by themselves. If left to explode by themselves, they will create a lot more bullets than if you destroy them. So the best bet would be try to destroy them yourself, if you have the opportunities, if you don’t want to deal with the extra bullets.
  • Layer 5 – This layer spawns little enemies that shoot bullets at you in bursts. The body of the Totem has no attacks itself, so as you circle the arena, you can try to pick off the little enemies, or if you have a lot of bombs yourself by this point, just use them all on the boss.

The video below shows the fight against the boss and how to defeat it.

Blue Rider, Stage 6 Boss Fight

Train Gold
You have defeated the Boss on Stage Seven

At the end of Stage 7, you fight the boss, the Train. The boss consists of 4 train cars, and you must destroy 3 layers on the back 3 cars before you can attack the health source of the boss at the front of the train. The best place to stay is in the center of the map and just circle the center as you destroy the 3 cars, starting with the back one. The 3 back cars shoot round of bullets at you, but as you circle the center they shouldn’t hit you. After 1 car is destroyed, bombs start getting dropped into the arena which blow up and send bullets flying. You should be accustomed to bombs by now, so just dodge the bullets and destroy the remaining cars. After all the cars are destroyed, you can attack the front of the train, which is the health source. Luckily the health drops very quickly when you can attack the health source, so just use all your remaining boss on it, as you dodge the bullets that are created from the bombs. The video below shows the boss fight and how to destroy it.

Blue Rider, Stage 7 Boss Fight

Flyer Gold
You have defeated the Boss on Stage Eight

At the end of Stage 8, you fight the Flyer. At the beginning of the fight you have to shoot 4 red lights as the boss shoots bullets at you from each open section of the outside. If you stay in front of the red lights, the bullets shouldn’t have a high chance of hitting you. After you destroy the 4 lights, the pieces break off and circle the arena and shoot bullets at you as well. You then have to destroy 6 red lights on this stage while the previous parts of the body and the body of the boss shoot bullets at you. After you destroy the 6 red lights, you then only have to shoot 1, while the 6 parts of the previous layer of the boss shoots bullets at you, but there are never a lot of bullets on screen at this point. After you destroy the last red light, be prepared, as all hell is about to break loose. The boss will then cover, and I mean cover, the screen with bullets, so you’re gonna be on your guard and dodge them all. At this stage you can just shoot the boss anywhere on the body and it will start to lower it’s health. The video below shows the fight against the boss and how to destroy it.

Blue Rider, Stage 8 Boss Fight

Final Boss Gold
All Bosses clear.

At the end of Stage 9, you’ll fight the Final Boss of the game! If you’ve made it this far, you’ll have no problem with this boss. The boss has 1 red light that you must shoot at to deplete the health bar. The boss will shoot purple balls that explode into 3 bullets, and then those bullets explode into 3 bullets, which then explode into 3 bullets. That is a lot of possible bullets to have to dodge if you are in a bad position. The best place I found to dodge the bullets is nearly right up against the boss so then not many bullets fly in your direction. After you destroy the red light, a scripted scene occurs, so don’t freak out. After you can move again, you have a laser you shoot at the boss. To shoot the laser you have to keep tapping . At this point the boss doesn’t have any attacks, so just hit it anywhere with the laser to deplete its health again and to beat the game! The video below shows the boss fight and how to destroy it!

Blue Rider, Stage 9 Boss Fight

Untouchable Gold
Three Stages completed without a scratch.

To obtain this trophy you must finish 3 levels without taking damage from any enemies or the bosses. The first 3 stages are the best levels to play, as they have the least amount of enemies and the bosses are easier. The best strategy is to practice each level, and the boss fights to get used to the levels and remember the enemy spawns and the bosses attack patterns.

For further details on each boss, refer to boss trophies SilverFirst Blood, SilverSpider, and Silver Scorpion.

Survivor Gold
Complete all Stages without be killed

This can be paired with Gold Skirmisher, as both trophies must be done in one run, so you can destroy all the enemies in every level in the same playthrough or separate. For this trophy you must complete all 9 levels, in 1 life. This will test your patience and skill. Before you attempt this, you should practice all the level and be very, very comfortable with all the boss fights and enemy types. You should try to know all the enemy spawns so you don’t get surprised by an enemy when it enters the screen and start shooting you. If you can make it through all 9 stages, in 1 life, you will unlock this very nice gold trophy!

Skirmisher Gold
Destroy all your enemies in a Single Game

This can be paired with Gold Survivor, as both trophies must be done in 1 continuous run. For this trophy you must destroy every single enemy in every level. If the end stats screen of each level doesn’t say 100% for the “Enemies Defeated” stat, you missed an enemy and have ruined the trophy attempt. Be sure to scour and explore all the levels fully and make sure you have defeated all the enemies before defeating the boss of each level. Luckily this trophy doesn’t have to be in 1 life, so you can use your extra lives you get every 25,000 points and still get this trophy.

Relic Hunter Gold
Find all the relics in every Stage

The collectibles in this are called “Relics”, and there are 3 in every level, which accounts for 27 total Relics. They are little blue triangles that can be hidden in corners or on the side of hallways in each level. As the game can move very fast, these can be easily missed, or if you take your time and you explore every map, you should have no problem obtaining them. If you collect all the Relics in a level and die, you don’t have to recollect them. So long as you get every relic at least once, the trophy will unlock as soon as you get the last one in Level 9. The videos below show the location of for the Relics in every level.

There are some things you should be aware of in some levels for collectibles:

  • In Stage 4, each section has a collectible, and you can’t revisit a section when you leave it.
  • In Stage 7, the collectibles begin at the section where you kill the 2 enemy spawning enemies, and the last one is located in the boss area.
  • In Stage 8, you must find each collectible as you go along, as the floor falls away and the lava will damage you if you fly over it if you try to get the collectibles after you pass them.
  • In Stage 9, the collectibles start after you get passed the beginning portion with lava. The video for Stage 9 starts the entrance to the facility area.
Blue Rider, Stage 1 Collectibles

Blue Rider, Stage 2 Collectibles

Blue Rider, Stage 3 Collectibles

Blue Rider, Stage 4 Collectibles

Blue Rider, Stage 5 Collectibles

Blue Rider, Stage 6 Collectibles

Blue Rider, Stage 7 Collectibles

Blue Rider, Stage 8 Collectibles

Blue Rider, Stage 9 Collectibles



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