Blind VR Trophy Guide and Text Walkthrough

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10.
    Estimated time to 100%: 1.5 Hours.
    Trophies: 16.  GoldBronze15
    Missable trophies: 9. There is no chapter select.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 1.
    Needed: VR required. 2 move controllers required.

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    Welcome to the Blind VR Trophy Guide!
    Blind is a narrative-driven psychological thriller where the player is blind and you must explore the surroundings using echolocation. By sending out soundwaves with your cane the outlines of the environment are temporarily revealed. Goaded by a sinister and twisted Warden you journey through the mansion, solve puzzles, and uncover the mystery of what is happening to her.


    Trophy wise it will be very simple if you follow this guide. There is no way to die, so the only difficulty lies in completing the puzzles… Which I will be giving you the answers for!  None are timed or anything, so it will be straightforward. There is no chapter select so make sure to grab all the missable trophies and collectables in one go. I will write a text walkthrough below and also attach a video guide so you will know exactly what to do and where to go ensuring a nice easy completion.

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    Video Walkthrough:

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    Text Walkthrough:

    *If you don’t like your hand being completely held then scootch to the bottom of this post and use the ultra-simplified version I’ve added.* 


    Walk to gramophone.
    In desk, top left drawer KEY. Use on door.

    Statue puzzle:
    Small Box on side table, press the buttons in this order: bottom right, top left, bottom left, top right, middle. GET STATUE 1.

    In TV easy ball puzzle, use magnet to move the ball. GET STATUE 2.

    Behind wonky picture frame is a Safe: *listen for the click* Left dial to about 1 o’clock, right dial to about 8 o’clock. GET STATUE 3.

    Go through corridors to Main Hall.
    Pick up CANE on left when it spawns during the dialogue/cutscene.
    Bronze Follow my voice Trophy 1/16.

    Chapter 1.

    Pick up COG KEY from the top of the stairs.
    Put cog key in central structure in this Main Hall. 

    *If you are facing the stairs* enter ground floor door on the left, next to the table with plant on.

    Enter immediate door to the Garage.
    Interact with the RADIO in the garage. (Collectable Radio 1/5)

    Just behind the radio open that door and pick up the GEM from the toolbox. (Collectable Gem 1/12)

    Exit Garage, go up the corridor enter the last door into the Library.
    In the right-hand bookshelf, middle shelf, pick up the GEM behind the books. (Collectable Gem 2/12)

    Move the little step ladder so you can open the grandfather clock door.
    Move the little step ladder back, go up the little step ladder and change the grandfather clock to 6:15pm, pick up the KEY from inside.

    Use the key on the door next to the one you came in, enter Workshop.
    Use PHONE in Workshop. (Collectable Phone 1/3)

    Jukebox puzzle: Turn on switch on the wall, fix the back of the jukebox with the cogs on the table next to it, first line them up on the RIGHT SIDE top, left side bottom.

    Go to front of jukebox and select 5F. 
    Bronze seye ruoy esolC Trophy 2/16.

    Go back to the back of the jukebox and rearrange the cogs so they line up on the LEFT SIDE top, and still left side bottom.

    *If you were slow and track finished playing, just go to front of jukebox and select 5F again.*

    Song will play correctly, pick up the COG KEY from inside.
    Bronze Blind luck Trophy 3/16.
    Bronze A broken man Trophy 4/16.

    Put cog key in central structure back in the main hall.

    Chapter 2.

    Go upstairs enter top right door into mothers bedroom.

    In mother’s bedroom go through the door behind the crib into the walk-in closet, pick up the GEM on the left. (Collectable Gem 3/12)

    In corridor enter 2nd door on the right (small room), use PHONE. (Collectable Phone 2/3)
    Enter next door on the right (small bedroom) interact with RADIO. (Collectable Radio 2/5)
    Enter door on left (music room) interact with Harp & Piano.
    Bronze Performer Trophy 5/16.

    Music room puzzle code:

    Enter new door to the Garden, follow path round to the right.
    Go to tree pick up GEM on the tree’s pot border. (Collectable Gem 4/12)

    At the back of the room go through the open door into the boiler room, turn the lever on top of the boiler.

    Pipes puzzle: Use the valves on the table to run the water only to the fountain (cut off all the other pipe paths, tap with cane to see the places the valves can go).

    *If you don’t understand what I mean please see the linked video at 13:07 for a visual reference.*

    When done correctly pick up the COG KEY fallen from fountain.
    Bronze A desperate housewife Trophy 6/16.

    Enter new door next to the boiler room, go down corridor and through door at the end.
    Use cog in central structure in Main Hall.

    Chapter 3.

    Go upstairs enter top left door to boy’s room.
    Pick up GEM next to the toy plane and toy robot. (Collectable Gem 5/12)

    Interact with toy robot and/or the button next to the robot, whichever makes the robot move! (Collectable Toy 1/2)

    Go through door into the girl’s room.
    In girl’s room interact with the other door,
    Touch picture on wall,
    Pick up picture inside closet, look at the back of the picture to spawn the little pillow on the bed,
    Pick up key under bed pillow,
    Use key to open diary,
    Use big key from inside diary on door, enter into boy’s room.

    In corridor enter right double-door into pool table room, pick up the GEM on the poker table. (Collectable Gem 6/12)
    In pool table use the PHONE. (Collectable Phone 3/3)
    Bronze What’s your emergency? Trophy 7/16.

    In corridor enter left door into sick bed room, interact with toy car button. (Collectable Toy 2/2)
    Bronze Child’s play Trophy 8/16.

    Medical Machine puzzle:

    • Turn machine switch on on wall.
    • Lever 1 up, lever 2 down, switch 12 o’clock, press right square. Pick up COG KEY from inside.
      Bronze A fragile child Trophy 9/16.

    Go through back door in pool table room, go downstairs, put cog key in the central structure in Main Hall.

    Chapter 4.

    Enter the door at the top of the stairs on the right. Turn around to look at the warden, then proceed up the stairs.

    Pick up bottles/any objects to throw for light as you don’t have a cane now.

    At the top of the stairs pick up GEM on plank on barrels, just before windchime. (Collectable Gem 7/12)

    By these barrels interact with the RADIO. (Collectable Radio 3/5)
    Pick up the music box from the floor next to the cage. (wind it up to get extra light).

    Cage puzzle:

    • Pick up 3 tuning forks from around the edge of the room. (Easy to find they will glow very brightly blue, green and red when you are near them).
    • There are 4 plinths around the cage, go to the one that has just a big button on.
    • On the plinth to the left of the button put the GREEN tuning fork.
    • On the plinth to the right of the button put the RED tuning fork.
    • On the last plinth at the back put the BLUE tuning fork.
    • Press the big button, the cage will open, freeing Bob.

    Go to big double doors with 2 levers each side, pull a lever, then pull lever same time as Bob and go through.

    following bob interact with RADIO. (Collectable Radio 4/5)

    Pick up COG (1/3) from behind the books on the right-hand bookshelf near that radio. (carry it until you reach the door that needs 3 cogs to open by the final radio).

    By this radio open the cupboard that has teacups inside and pick up the GEM. (Collectable Gem 8/12)

    When you see the big windows with wind blowing through, you’ll see a fireplace, pick up GEM from small table by fireplace. (Collectable Gem 9/12)

    Pick up GEM from plate on large dining table. (Collectable Gem 10/12)

    Pick up GEM from inside box on kitchen table. (Collectable Gem 11/12)

    Interact with RADIO. (Collectable Radio 5/5)
     All over the news Trophy 11/16.

    In the kitchen next to the fridge, pick up COG (2/3) from inside the lower cupboard, and use it in door by radio.

    *If Bob is not by the door that needs 3 cogs yet, stand near him/look at him to trigger his little dialogues and make him move, repeat until he’s by the cog door. Listen to his dialogue at this cog door to get the save icon, the next cog in the vent will now be accessible.*

    Open low vent by big breezy window get COG (3/3), use in same door.

    Follow Bob through the door.
    Bronze A way out Trophy 10/16.

    Random corridors, carry the phone in one hand, with the other hand grab the statue on the shelf before the little car hits it to progress out of the loop.

    Throw the phone for light and keep progressing till you see the mask.
    Put the mask in the cage under the no sign, close the cage door.
    Put the 3 statues back in their places on the plinth.
    When back in the room after a cutscene, go through the door to get next statue.
    Repeat for third statue.

    Pick up COG KEY after dinner scene, put it in the Main Hall place.
    Bronze Bad memories Trophy 12/16.


    Floor of Main Hall has caved in, but don’t go down there yet, first follow the fenced path to the garden/patio area.

    Pick up GEM from under bench on the left. (Collectable Gem 12/12)
    Keep going down the garden path between the lampposts.
    Bronze End of the road Trophy 13/16.

    In Main Hall go upstairs, and through double doors at the top of the stairs.
    Keep going down the long corridor and enter the control room at the end.
    Bronze You shouldn’t be here Trophy 14/16.

    Go back to main hall and now descend down the stairs revealed from the caved in floor.
    You see a monster, pull the lever on the left.
    Next corridor where objects are scattered all over the floor, throw 10 objects at the monster.
    Bronze Fetch! Trophy 15/16.

    Large room, press the 4 buttons around the edge of the room.

    Go to the middle of the room where the circle of symbols should be all lit up now, look which symbol is in the middle, and exit through the path that has the same symbol above it.

    Traverse through the random gauntlet, then pull the lever at the end to trap the monster.

    Gold Close your eyes Trophy 16/16.


    Simplified walkthrough:


    • 3 Statue puzzle: In music box, TV, & behind wonky frame.
    • Key in desk.
    • Pick up cane.

    Chapter 1.

    • Ground floor straight ahead door by table/plant.
    • Garage radio (1/5) & toolbox gem (1/12).
    • Library clock & bookshelf gem (2/12).
    • Jukebox room phone (1/3).
    • Jukebox reverse on right,  then correct on left. (cog key 1).

    Chapter 2.

    • Upstairs top right door.
    • First room closet gem. (3/12).
    • Right door phone (2/3).
    • Next right door radio (2/5).
    • Left door music room play instruments. 
    • Garden tree gem (4/12).
    • Back room garden pipe puzzle. (cog key 2).

    Chapter 3.

    • Upstairs top left room.
    • Interact with other door, touch picture on wall, pick up picture inside closet look at back, pick up key under bed pillow, use key open diary, use big key on door.
    • Press button/robot (1/2).
    • Gem next to robot (5/12).
    • Right door pool table room gem (6/12) & phone (3/3).
    • Left sick room press toy car button (2/2).
    • Sick machine puzzle: Switch up, switch down, dial central, right button. (cog key 3).

    Chapter 4.

    • Door top of stairs on right.
    • Up dark stairs on barrels gem (7/12).
    • Top of stairs radio (3/5).
    • Cage puzzle: Left green, right red, back blue.
    • Follow bob to radio (4/5) pick up cog (1/3) behind book by it.
    • In high cupboard gem by the radio (8/12).
    • Small table by fireplace gem (9/12).
    • Dining table plate gem (10/12).
    • Kitchen table in crate gem (11/12).
    • Radio (5/5) by door. Use cog in door.
    • Cog (2/3) in low cupboard next to fridge.
    • Cog (3/3) in low vent by big window.
    • Dark loop corridor carry phone, catch statue before car hits it.
    • Put mask in cage.
    • Put 3 statues in room in place.
    • After dinner scene pick up cog (cog key 4).


    • Follow fenced path, gem under bench (12/12).
    • Keep going down path no way out trophy.
    • Go back to Main Hall, upstairs, in double doors top of stairs, long corridor into control room.
    • Go down Main Hall hole in floor.
    • Throw 10 things at monster.
    • Press 4 buttons, look at center symbol pick that path.
    • Trap monster, end.


    Trophy Guide:

    Follow my voice
    Get to the main room of the house.

    Unmissable. Story-related.

    A broken man
    Complete the father’s wing.

    Unmissable. Story-related.

    A desperate housewife
    Complete the mother’s wing.

    Unmissable. Story-related.

    A fragile child
    Complete the brother’s wing.

    Unmissable. Story-related.

    A way out
    Set Bob free and look for a way out of the house.

    Unmissable. Story-related.

    Bad memories
    Unearth the buried memories.

    Unmissable. Story-related.

    Close your eyes Gold
    Complete the game.

    Unmissable. Story-related for completing the game.

    seye ruoy esolC
    .ereh segassem neddih oN

    For playing the jukebox track backwards.
    When fixing the back of the jukebox with the cogs, if you connect them on the right side the top cog will turn anti clockwise, then when you press 5F on the front of the jukebox will play the track backwards, unlocking this trophy.

    (Just after getting this trophy, change the cogs to go up the left side, turning the top cog clockwise, which when you then select 5F on the front of the jukebox will play the track correctly, giving you key to proceed with the story.)

    Play all music instrument.

    2 instruments: Harp & Piano.
    During the mother’s wing chapter you will enter a music room… You can’t miss these instruments they are massive and basically the only things in the room, just interact with them both for the trophy.

    Child’s play
    Play with Scott’s toys.


    2 toys. Robot & Car/track.
    In the boy’s room interact with the toy robot and/or the button next to the robot.
    Later in the room with the boy’s sick bed, press the button on the toy track and car.

    End of the road
    Try to run away from your problems.

    When you have completed chapter 4, the floor in the main hall will cave in. At the back of the main hall you will see the little fence leading to a garden/patio type area. Go down this path, keep walking down this path between the lampposts  (which will go nowhere and keep looping you back) and this trophy will unlock.

    Blind luck
    Solve a puzzle on the first try.

    I got this on the jukebox puzzle. Very simple, this trophy will unlock for simply knowing the answer ‘5F’. Turn the power switch on the wall on, fix the cogs on the back of the jukebox by connecting them up the left hand side, then choose track ‘5F’ on the front of the jukebox, and this trophy will unlock.

    Keep danger away by throwing 10 objects.

    In final cave segment.
    When the floor has caved in in the Main Hall, descend down the steps. You will encounter the monster, First pull the lever to get by, the next corridor where you see the monster bottles and stuff will be scattered all over the floor, just through 10 objects towards it and this trophy will unlock.

    What’s your emergency?
    Use every phone in the house to seek help.

    3 Phones. Pick up the phone for it to register. 

    1. In Garage.
    2. In Jukebox room.
    3. In Pool Table room.
    You shouldn’t be here
    Collect every gem and enter the control room.


    12 gems. Control room is through the double doors top of stairs in Main Hall.

    1. Gem 1: In the Garage, through door at the back, gem is in the toolbox.
    2. Gem 2: In the Library, gem is behind books on the right hand bookshelf.
    3. Gem 3: In the mother’s bedroom, through the door at back into the walk-in closet, gem on left.
    4. Gem 4: In the Garden area, go up to the big tree, gem on the edge of the tree/pot/border?
    5. Gem 5: In boy’s room, gem is next to the the robot and toy plane.
    6. Gem 6: In Pool Table room, gem is on the round poker table.
    7. Gem 7: At the top of the dark stairs, gem is on top the barrels/plank thing. 
    8. Gem 8: When you have gone down the long stairs with Bob go towards the flashing light of a grandfather clock, in the room next to that will be radio (4/5), and by that in a high cupboard with teacups will be this gem.
    9. Gem 9: Same Bob area, when you hear the wind coming through large windows, you will see a fireplace on the right, this gem is on the small table by the fireplace.
    10. Gem 10: Same Bob area, on the large dinning table, this gem will be on a plate.
    11. Gem 11: Same Bob area, on the kitchen table, this gem is inside a box.
    12. Gem 12: When the Main hall floor has caved in, before going down the stairs, go behind you and follow the little fenced area that will bring you to a garden/patio area, this gem is under a bench on the left.

    Through the double doors at the top of the Main Hall stairs will be the door that leads to the control room, the gems are shown on the door, so you can see how many you have or if you’re missing any, if the door is open then you have them all and are good to go. Just keep on going down the long corridor when you reach the control room at the end this trophy will unlock.

    *If you would like a visual reference for all the gems (or any collectables) please see the linked video guide. There will be timestamps for all the collectables in the video description. 

    All over the news
    Listen to every the radio broadcasts.

    5 radios. Interact with the radios for the broadcast to play.

    1. In Garage.
    2. Corridor where Music room is on the left, radio is in the door on the right.
    3. Top of the dark stairs (just before you see the man in the cage).
    4. Follow Bob (the caged guy) he’ll bring you right to this radio.
    5. Still with Bob, this radio is next to the door that needs 3 cogs to enter.


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