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Blind Spot Review

A recent release brought to PSVR by Unlimited Fly & DeerVR Games, Blind Spot is described as a “Story Driven Journey”, but is it everything it promises to be within the excellent trailers? Let’s take a closer look below.


From the outset Blind Spot introduces you to the mechanics of the game. Taking you through an introduction of sorts that teaches you how to use everything you need on your journey through the game. This is a great start to a game that you initially believe to be quite simple, but soon could have you pulling your hair out.

From the minute you enter the main part of the game you are waiting for what you believe will be a jump scare within the gameplay at some point; do not be fooled however, as despite the trailers this is not half as creepy as it looks to be. In fact this is a nice paced “escape room” type game where you are met with numerous puzzles to try and work out before you can advance further in the game.


This could easily be described as simple, yet effective, but Blind Spot offers more than just that basic description. The gameplay is smartly designed to make you think about your decisions and keeping your mind in the game. The movement is smooth and despite the slowest walking pace I ever known in a game it plays out well.

The puzzles are well thought about and they are difficult enough to keep you engrossed throughout the entire playthrough. Do not expect lots of fast paced action on this one; instead you should be able to play with enjoyment and a hint of relaxation.


I played this on a standard PS4 and a v1 PSVR and having gone into the game with my usual expectations of the drop in graphics this offers I was pleasantly surprised. There didn’t appear to be too much of a drop off in graphics, as they were honestly stunning. The effects of the rain on the windows was some special and something that I had not seen in many games beforehand.

Of course there are slight issues with distance textures, but once you get up and close to your target this all changes. The fine details within this experience could easily have you just wondering around looking at things without actually worrying about the game you’re supposed to be playing. They are simply stunning.


Trophy wise Blind Spot has a healthy list; there are 29 trophies total including a shiny platinum. You also have the option to stack the trophies by playing both the North American and European versions should you wish.

The trophies come at a steady pace throughout the game, with variations ranging from natural gameplay trophies, to puzzle solving related. There are also trophies for successfully completing some miscellaneous actions and some well-hidden Easter Egg types.

Overall this is a good list and it will take you around 4-5 hours to achieve the Platinum Trophy. There was also the addition of another 10 brought into the game via free (yes free) DLC, for following on with the story, with the probability of more being added in the future.


I found myself asking the question “would I play this game once I had completed it?” For sure it’s a beautiful, well put together game, but I’m not convinced that I would. This could be due to the quite linear “storyline”, but as like with most escape room type games, once you’ve completed them there is no real need to go back to them.

That said, with the announcement of the free DLC’s of Chapters 3 & 4 it will ensure players will keep an eye out on the game to come back to and finish off those final (?) chapters.

I will also say that this game is perfect for those that have not tried the PSVR and I will certainly be using it as a game to show those that haven’t. It’s a really beautiful well thought out game that others will enjoy as a first experience.


Blind Spot is beautiful; the game was fun and challenging at the same time. I enjoyed the challenges of the puzzles and the atmosphere that was portrayed during the whole experience. I expected something different from the trailers, but i was not disappointed in what I found.
Blind Spot is a lovely chilled experience that brings challenge and fun all in one.

I would like to thank DeerVR Games for the opportunity to try this game out.

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Blind Spot








Value For Money



  • Beautiful atmospheric setting
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Stunning detailed graphics
  • Immersive story


  • Replayability
  • Slow paced on occasions
  • Price may put some off
  • Snap turning
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