Batu Ta Batu Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 2/10. 
    Estimated time to Platinum: 30 Mins – 1 Hour. 
    Missable trophies: None. 
    Glitched trophies: None. 
    Difficulty related: None. 
    Playthrough: N/A


    Welcome to the Batu Ta Batu Trophy Guide!
    Batu Ta Batu has been brought to consoles by 2Awesome Studio and “is a colorful tile based puzzle from one up to four players. Slide the tiles and combine them with the ones of the same color and reach higher and higher levels of complexity across hundreds of levels and several game modes.


    Step 1: Reach 15000 points in Endless
    During this step you will be put through the tutorial as part of the initial steps so that you can get used to the game mechanics. There is nothing to difficult about reaching this score, just bare in mind that you are against a timer, so try to make decisions on switching squares fairy quickly.
    You will earn a number of the miscellaneous trophies while attempting to get this amount of points.

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    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Silver Graduated with honors
    Gold Going upstairs
    Gold Go BIG!
    Gold Making good money!
    Gold Gone shopping!
    Gold Big Bang
    Gold Bomb keeper
    Gold Getting serious
    Gold Bomb addict
    Gold Already a veteran

    Step 2: Less Batus Than
    Purchased for 250 coins within the Mode Select screen, the “Less Than Batus” is a game where you are trying to complete the square in a certain amount of moves. 
    Refer to the trophy description for this very easy trophy.

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Gold On the right track

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    Step 3: Multiplayer
    This game is great fun within Multiplayer, as you have the ability to block your opponents moves by freezing certain squares.
    You will only need to play 1 Multiplayer game to obtain both trophies.

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Gold Party time!
    Gold Crappy delivery
    40-platinum Platinum

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    Gameplay Video:

    Feel free to check out my initial gameplay video. My run to 15,000 points is included from 13:40 – 25:00.

    Trophy Guide:

    Get all the trophies

    Get all the trophies

    Already a veteran Gold
    Play Endless 5 times

    Simply play “Endless Mode” 5 times for the trophy. You do not have to reach a set score, as you can just let the timer run down to mark the game as played.

    This can be achieved in Single, or Multiplayer Mode.

    Graduated with honors upscale-245262160018212
    Finish the Endless tutorial

    Awarded for completing the tutorial as part of your first game within “Endless Mode”.

    Go BIG! Gold
    Remove a 2×2 full grid Batu in Endless

    You will achieve this when you move your first 2×2 square into its respective coloured side (excluding the one during the tutorial).

    Big Bang Gold
    Explode a full grid Batu in Endless

    This was achieved by using the bomb within the highlighted square. 
    Ensure you have at least a 2×2 Batu grid with a bomb within and press to blow it up.

    Party time! upscale-245262160018212
    Finish a multiplayer game the first time

    You will need 2 controllers, or a form of mobile device remote play to obtain this trophy.
    You do not need to score anything in particular, so just let the timer run down or take the time to go for Gold Crappy delivery whist you are in Multiplayer.

    Crappy delivery Gold
    Send 4 crappy Batus at once in multiplayer

    Whilst playing Multiplayer you will need to move 4 2×2 squares into their corresponding colours within the same game to achieve this trophy. Moving a 2×2 square into the colour blocks certain squares on your opponents board, making it more difficult for them to move their blocks around.

    This can be achieved playing with one of the players, as long as you are quick enough before the timer runs out.

    Bomb addict Gold
    Finish an Endless game with 0 bombs in the counter

    Start a game of “Endless Mode” and press every time a bomb appears in the bottom left hand corner, ensuring that you have zero bombs when the timer runs out.
    Bombs will replenish naturally if you have none within your bag, so be aware of how many you have.

    Making good money! Gold
    Earn the first 20 coins in Endless

    Achieved automatically at the end of your run for Gold Getting serious.
    You may achieve this prior to that run, as coins are awarded at the end of games based on your performances.

    You can use the coins to purchase new modes, which is needed for Gold On the right track.

    Bomb keeper Gold
    Get 30 bombs in Endless

    Bombs can be acquired by moving the square that a bomb sits within to it’s corresponding colour.
    You do not necessarily have to have 30 Bombs in your possession at the same time (as you can see from the screen shot below), as long as you have acquired 30 Bombs across a single game of “Endless Mode” the trophy will pop.

    Getting serious Gold
    Reach 15000 points in Endless

    You will need to reach level 5 within “Endless Mode” to reach this amount of points.
    This will only take you around 10-12 minutes to reach this amount and it is not too difficult. Remember to use your Bombs by pressing if you cannot see an immediate move. 

    You are required to play 5 games for Gold Already a veteran, so do not worry if you cannot reach the target points on your first run.

    The trophy will pop at the end of the run, so feel free to give up once you reach 15,000 points.

    You can also view my run to 15,000 points in the video at the top of the guide.

    Gone shopping! Gold
    Unlock the game mode shop in the menu

    This will unlock automatically when you end your first “Endless Mode” run.

    On the right track Gold
    Get perfect score in one level

    Achieved during the “Less Batus Than” Mode, which can be purchased for 250 coins within the “Mode Select” screen that you will get at the end of a game.

    In order to achieve this trophy you must complete the grid in less moves than suggested on the screen, so simply move the highlighted square as shown.

    Going upstairs Gold
    Reach the “2nd floor” in one mode

    You need to reach 1,000 points to move up to Level 2 and obtain this trophy. 
    You will get this naturally on your way to Gold Getting serious.


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