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Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Launches the New Space Race Chronicle With a Huge Sale!

One small jump for BoB, One giant bounce for BoB-kind!

3, 2, 1, LIFTOFFExit Plan Games is very proud to launch the new Space Race chronicle, their latest major update to Bang on Balls: Chronicles and is holding a sale to celebrateThe new Space Race chronicle more than triples the size of the existing Vikings Chronicle and allows players (affectionately known as BoBs) to join the race to reach outer space and face the threat they find there. To celebrate, Exit Plan Games is holding their largest sale on Bang-On Balls: Chronicles to date! Starting Thursday February 10 and running until Sunday February 20, players will save 30% off the regular price, but act fast. Once the sale ends, the price comes back down to earth and returns to the regular price.

The new Space Race chronicle recreates some key elements of the real-world USSR vs. The USA race for space that ran through the 1950s and 60s, but with the loveable twist Bang-On Balls brings. There is a ton of content in the Space Race including new enemies to smash, locations to explore, many items and gadgets to collect as well as a lot of secrets to find. What are you waiting for, assemble your rocket and get to the moon today!

In Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, you play as BoB, a ball on your first day working as an intern at the Bang-On film studio. As you explore the studio, you meet your terrible boss who is bouncing around angrily picking on his staff. This jerk needs to be taught a lesson, so you sneak into the studio’s productions, wreak havoc on set and become a hero to your fellow workers! Adventure through worlds of Vikings and the Space Race (with more chronicles to come, including Pirates!) to uncover collectibles to advance to other chronicles. Remember, all work and no play makes BoB a dull ball, so be sure to take time for mini-games, seasonal/holiday updates and heaps of character customization!

Head over to the Steam Store and get Bang-On Balls: Chronicles at 30% discount now, and be sure to invite your friends to check it out. 

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Dex Fragg
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