Away: Journey to the Unexpected Trophy Guide

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    Trophy Roadmap:

    Difficulty: 3/10.
    Estimated time to 100%: 5 Hours.
    Missable trophies: None.
    Glitched trophies: None.
    Difficulty related: None.
    Playthrough: 3


    Welcome to the Away: Journey to the Unexpected Trophy Guide!
    It’s time to go rescue your parents in this weird, first-person roguelike adventure! Where to progress, you need to get friends, and when you die, you keep a lot of things!


    Step 1: Recruit Teammates & Level Up

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    So to beat this game, you have to recruit all 8 teammates at least once, just to be able to beat the game. Everyone you recruit a teammate, you get a star, to unlock new areas. But you will also level up, and end up making the game a bit easier on yourself. You will need at least 3 runs of the game to be able to get all the characters anyways. You only start off with the Forest Plains and the Arctic Base area. But as you recruit more teammates, you get more areas! When you unlock the Garage in your house at 5 stars, you get to fast travel to the Arctic Base and Tropical Island, once you’ve been to them at least once! So it makes recruiting later teammates easier. You’ll also probably die, a lot. But that’s okay, as it helps in the long run, because when you die, that’s when you level! Also, try not to spend any gold, and save recruiting the Bounty Hunter, until you have the “Richer Than Midas” trophy. At the end of this step, you’ll have all but 2 trophies!

    You’ll be earning these trophies:
    Bronze A Ribbetting Friendship
    Bronze A Prince Among Men
    Bronze Do Or Die!
    Bronze Breaking In
    Silver Richer Than Midas
    Bronze Eagle Eye
    Bronze Sticking Around
    Bronze A Word To The Wise
    Bronze Expand Your Horizon
    Bronze The More The Merrier
    Bronze Squad Almighty!
    Bronze Family Time

    Step 2: Beat the game!

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    Now that you have all 8 teammates recruited at least once, you can now tackle the final boss! So choose your favorite 3 teammates, get them in your party, and go kill that final boss!

    During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
    Silver Team Building
    Bronze Savvy Shopper
    Silver Ping Pong King

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    Step 3: Die, die, and die some more!

    In the off chance that you haven’t died 14 times, now is that chance to get the last trophy!

    During this step you’ll earn the following trophies:
    Bronze Never Give Up!

    Trophy Guide:

    A Ribbeting Friendship
    Agree to let the frog live with you

    When you start the game, exit your room and go down the hallway on your left. Inside is a friendly frog in your toilet! Select the first dialogue option to let him live in your toilet, and you’ll get this trophy!

    A Prince Among Men
    Tip the shopkeeper

    In each area of the game is a shop, marked by a $ sign on your map. If you walk up to the “Tip Jar” and have 10 coins, which are the triangles, you’ll automatically tip the storekeeper and get this trophy.

    Team Building upscale-245262160018212
    Have 4 playable characters at the same time

    To get this trophy, you have to have a full party of 4 characters. I would wait until you have all 8 teammates recruited, then decide what ones you want for the final boss. So go to the Forest or Desert, and get the Friendship Cube in the land, and buy an extra one to get two characters right away. Then you have to go to either Tropical Island or Arctic Base, and get another Friendship Cube for the teammates there. If any of the characters “energy” is drained, you’ll need to also buy a Hamburger. No characters can be dead when getting this trophy. Once you have 4, alive playable characters, this trophy is yours.

    Do Or Die!
    Start a fifth game after dying

    After you die 4 times, this trophy unlocks.

    Never Give Up!
    Start a fifteenth game after dying

    After you die 14 times, this trophy will be yours.

    Savvy Shopper
    Buy 2 items from the shop during the same game

    To get this trophy, you have to buy 2 items from the shopkeeper during one life. So when you go to get “Team Building”, you can buy the extra Friendship Cube, and a Hamburger, for a total of 150 Coins, and get this trophy!

    Breaking In
    Open the factory gate for the first time

    This is story related. Once you do all the dungeons in the first area, marked by a circle on the map, you’ll get this trophy!

    Richer than Midas upscale-245262160018212
    You have 999 coins

    This trophy is a lot easier than it sounds, considering when you die, you get to keep all the gold you had in your possession. When you beat the first area, and go to the Arctic Base area, you can find an NPC who just so happens to be a Labworks CEO, who will give you 500 Coins if you listen to him. The options to pick are, you look sad, I don’t like sad, tell me the whole story, I’ll fight the Knights, and then you’ll get yourself 500 coins for your troubles to help towards the 999 coins needed for this trophy!

    Eagle Eye
    Find a secret passage in a dungeon

    In each area, if you look at the walls of the boss dungeons, you might end up finding a wall that is very clearly broken. If you blow these up with fireworks, you get this trophy. The first chance you get is the boss dungeon in The Forest. This dungeon is also the same in the Desert. It has two variants it can be. One layout doesn’t have a cracked wall, and one does. If you start off in a hallway of enemies, you have the right layout. If there’s a hole in the middle of the first room, it’s the wrong layout. The layout that happens is completely random! Either way, when you go upstairs in it, there’s a door to your left and right. Go through the right doorway, and if the room is full of crates, in the back corner, is a broken wall. Hit Circle to throw a firework at it, assuming you have some, and get this trophy.

    Sticking Around
    Unlock the guard and strong blow abilities

    As you kill monsters throughout the land, you get experience points. When you die, the experience points get tallied and you unlock new things, like extra health, or boss dungeons being opened right away. To get the Charged Attack and the Guard ability, you have to reach level 4 in the experience bar, then the trophy will unlock!

    A Word To The Wise
    Talk to the cat 3 times

    After you’ve recruited 3 teammates, you’ll have 3 stars, which unlocks the room in the house, with the cat in it. As you exit your room, go left, and follow the hall to the end. Talk to the cat 3 different times and you’ll get this trophy. You can also only talk to the cat once per life. So you need to die at least 2 times to get this trophy.

    Expand Your Horizon
    Unlock the desert access grid

    After you get 2 teammates recruited, then die, you unlock the Desert area, which can be played right away, instead of the Forest!

    The More The Merrier
    Recruit 3 characters

    This will come on your journey to accomplishing “Squad Almighty!”. Refer to that trophy for info on how to recruit characters.

    Squad Almighty!
    Recruit all playable characters

    Squad Almighty! (Bronze) – For this you have to recruit every character in the game! To be able to recruit a character, you have to either find or buy a “Friendship Cube”. You then have to select the proper dialogue options, or else you won’t end up recruiting them on your team! Once they’ve been recruited once though, they will automatically join your team if you ever approach them again. Below are the characters you can recruit, and the dialogue options to do so!

       Forest Plains (Unlocked right away)

    • Magic Ernestin – He is the star symbol on the right side. Tell him when he’s drunk, he’s a mage, and he’ll join you!
    • Woody – On the left side of the map you will find Woody the Tree! Select the first dialogue option, then tell him you know of a place where can fight dozens of baddies, and then he’ll join you!
    • LABWORKS Manager (A.K.A Mike Smoothman!) – When talking to the Manager, pick the first dialogue option. Then you can either pick the first or second dialogue option, which is something about turning animals into monsters, or seeing him turn into a monster. When he asks you to be honest with him, tell him you’ll be surprised if he makes it through the night! Then he’ll freak out and join your party! Yay!
    Desert Valley (2 Stars Needed to unlock. Alternate first area instead of Forest Plains)
    • Bounty Hunter – You have to pay him 500 Coins to recruit him. I recommend getting him after you get the “Richer Then Midas” trophy out of the way.
    • Lightheart – Ask him why he has a giant hole in his chest, then ask if you can help him! You then have to ask if he’s really old, and then end the conversation by saying “how about we be friends?”
    Arctic Base (Automatically unlocked second area)
    • Bro-Bot – To get this teammate, you have to basically answer a really long math question. At first you have to ask it a question, then you say you’re a robot too. When it asks for proof, say you can solve complex number questions. It’ll ask you a math question, and the answer is the first dialogue option, where the huge number ends with a 6! Then you just tell it to follow you so you can use it’s missiles!
    Tropical Island (6 stars needed to unlock. Alternate second area, instead of Arctic Base)
    • Cool Kid – To get this talking dead Ice pop teammate, you have to ask him if he can fix his AC, then ask about the thing on top of his head, then ask why he’s stuck on the beach, then at the end of it all, say “TRY ME!”, and then he’s your best friend!
    • Sarah – To get this weirdly named Skeleton, first say they’re not a seagull, then ask why they’re so different, then ask if they were a good architect, then say you can use random stuff! Then you’ll have another teammate!
    Family Time
    Find your parents

    Once you clear out the second area, whether it’s Arctic Base or Tropical Island, you’ll end up being in Pong Pings office, and you’ll find your parents, and have a fun reunion and get a trophy!

    Ping Pong King upscale-245262160018212
    Defeat the final boss

    Once you have recruited all 8 teammates, you then gain access to the last boss. You have to beat the boss in either Arctic Base or Tropical Island to get access to him. After you do a thing of dialogue, you have to play Ping Pong against the boss. Yes, Ping Pong. First person to 11 points wins! You have to hit the ball back 3 times to be able to score a point. You can either wait for the ball to be hit, when it glows near you, or you can mash R2. Either way, you’ll end up winning! Once you do, this trophy unlocks! Refer to my video below for the boss “fight”, dialogue section included!


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