Away: Journey to the Unexpected Review (PS4)

Away: Journey to the Unexpected is a Rogue-like game that is Developed by Aurelien Regard Games and Published by Dear Villagers. The game is about a kid whose parents are kidnapped! You are tasked with getting back your parents and saving Earth!

The game is very simple but feels super fleshed out. You have 4 different worlds that you can access by making friends and completing other levels. The friends you make in a run stick with you until you are defeated and then the cycle resets. You need to say specific things to them to recruit them but when you got that person 1 time they will join you the next time without any issue.

The game only takes about 3 hours to complete and after that, there is really nothing much to do anymore. This is because to reach the final boss of the game you need to have all 8 friends recruited. So everything you do after the boss is stuff you already did before, so there is a hard limit on content in the game.

To reach new areas you will need to complete 3 different rooms that will open a door that lets you do 1 bigger dungeon. after that dungeon, you can pick 1 of 2 worlds, but to reach the other world you will need to get at least a few friends first, making that final world a little bit pointless.

All the Friends you collect are basically playable characters for that run and every character has different powers, strengths, and even visuals. And with different visuals, I mean that the whole world feels totally new. There is this one character that gives everything just weird colors, and another one that makes everything look all comic-ish in a cowboy style. Some of the characters are extremely overpowered and make the game much easier, but there is a limited amount of times you can attack with them before you can not use them anymore.

The story is really minimal and even a bit random at times. So you are just chilling with your grandparents and they hear a sound that you need to check out and that sends you to some plainlands without really any explanation. There is this evil company trying to mine something but the company is controlled by some knights who are also aliens but that doesn’t really get explained. in the beginning, you hear your parents are gone for a while for “government” work. But in the end, they turn out to be stuck in time because they are alien mediators.

The final boss even gets weirder. After getting all 8 friends you can finally talk to the alien boss…… that is a clock….. that plays ping pong all day….. yup, really strange. So to free your parents you need to defeat the boss in a ping pong match. Keep in mind, this comes completely out of the blue because there is 0 mention of ping pong anywhere.

Because it is a rogue-like game there is kinda a lot of replayability but also isnt. you hit the limit of what you can do in about 3/4 hours of playing and then there is nothing left to do. After hitting that point I kinda felt sad, because the game was really fun and I kinda hoped for more.

The game had amazing visuals that really surprised me. All the characters are 2D but in that 3D world, they made it feel so natural because the world itself war really cartoony. every world had its own theme and didn’t look anything like the other. Overall are the visuals in the game amazing!


Overall I had a great time with this game even tho it was extremely short. The game had fun gameplay that kept me entertained for the whole ride and didn’t feel like a bad grind. The game is a bit much for what you are getting back in content time because there is a limit to what you can do. This is for sure a must play when you can get it on sale for a few bucks.

Away: Journey to the Unexpected











  • Fun gameplay
  • Cool area's
  • Fun playable characters


  • Short for the price
  • Strange story

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