Arizona Sunshine Dead Man DLC VR Trophy Guide

Trophy Roadmap:

Difficulty: 4/10. 
Estimated time to 100%: 1 – 2 Hours. 
Missable trophies: 2. Bronze Wearing Smells From Laboratories, Bronze One-Man Militia
Glitched trophies: None. 
Difficulty related: Yes, must beat Apocalypse mode. 
Playthroughs: 2. 
Needed: VR required.


Welcome to the Arizona Sunshine Dead Man DLC Trophy Guide!
This fun and frantic DLC ups the ante by this time giving you a huge responsibility, you are set in an infested US missile base and it is your mission to launch the nuclear-warhead missile in an attempt to contain the ever expanding zombie outbreak. Have you got what it takes to survive and save the American Southwest? Their fate rests in your hands.

This Deadman DLC features story mode and apocalypse mode, and a full playthrough will take you about 20 minutes. There is no chapter select this time around so make sure to grab the collectables during your story mode run. Apocalypse mode is a little easier than what you encountered in the base game, as this time you will find much more ammo. Even though there’s no chapter select, the DLC is technically made up of 3 levels, so during apocalypse mode you will be given 2 checkpoints and given the short length of the DLC this makes it more manageable, plus I have found some good methods to pass some areas giving you a much easier time of it, which i will detail below.


Step 1: Complete the DLC on story mode, getting all guns and masks.
You have to start on story mode (you can play on easy) because the extra guns will not spawn in Apocalypse mode.

Use this run just to grab the collectables. There aren’t many, just 4 guns and 3 masks, so they will be easy enough to grab if you follow my locations video HERE. The final collectable, the 3rd mask, will be at the beginning of level 3, and the trophies unlock instantly, so you can either then exit out right away when you get this trophy and begin your apocalypse run, or continue on and enjoy the ending as it’s not far away.

You’ll be earning these trophies:
Silver Online
Bronze Rocket Science
Bronze One-Man Militia
Bronze Wearing Smells From Laboratories
Silver The Beginning Of The End

Step 2: Apocalypse mode.
Apocalypse mode differences:

1. Apocalypse mode is the hardest setting.
2. Not as much ammo as story mode.
3. You only get one gun – a standard pistol.
4. One hit will kill you.
5. There are not regular checkpoints like story mode, but you are given 2 hard saves/checkpoints upon completing a level. The first checkpoint will be given to you while riding the cart to the silo. The second checkpoint will be given to you when exiting the sewers.

You are given much more ammo in the apocalypse mode of this DLC compared to the slim amount in the base game, for example in the first level before you even turn the elevator on you are given 60 bullets. By the time you reach the first checkpoint you will probably have about 70-90 bullets on you to start the second section with… IF you follow my tips on how to keep the first levels horde trapped away from you!

Apocalypse will take you a few tries but as the DLC is so short it wont take you long till you make some progress and succeed. Especially if you use some of my methods as shown in my video and detailed in the trophy guide, which will show you some areas where you can position yourself where the zombies can’t/won’t get to you, areas to just run and beat the horde even arriving, and areas where you can even lock the horde away protecting yourself!

During this step you’ll earn these trophies:
Gold The Apocalypse Of John

Video Guides:


Full apocalypse run video showing methods to keep you safer:

Trophy Guide:

The Beginning Of The End upscale-245262160018212
Finish Dead Man

Awarded for completing the game on story mode or apocalypse mode.

If you would like more tips on how to effectively pass all areas please read Gold The Apocalypse Of John.

The Apocalypse of John Gold
Finish Dead Man on Apocalyptic

Apocalypse mode differences from story mode:

1. Apocalypse mode is the hardest setting.
2. Not as much ammo as story mode.
3. You only get one gun – a standard pistol.
4. One hit will kill you.
5. There are not regular checkpoints like story mode, but you are given 2 hard saves/checkpoints upon completing a level. The first checkpoint will be given to you while riding the cart to the silo. The second checkpoint will be given to you when exiting the sewers.

Tips to survive level 1:

Before pulling the level to activate the elevator, close the doors to the surrounding buildings, this will trap some of the zombies. But you will still have an ambush of quite a lot of zombies. The countdown timer is 59 seconds… you only have to hold them off for one minute… position yourself directly in front of the elevator, ready to make your quick escape when the elevator arrives. 2 quick shots to the chest will kill runners, and use the surrounding explosive barrels to your advantage. Once inside the elevator get your back against the left hand wall, otherwise the zombies will swipe and kill you from other angles.

When you have dropped through the hole in the floor and collected the key, this is a life saving pro tip: close all 3 of the upstairs doors… this will completely trap about 95% of the horde! The horde will come when you have pulled the lever to call the cart, you will get another 59 second countdown, but if you have closed these 3 doors you will only have to kill about 5 zombies! Stand at the front of the grates of the cart track otherwise zombies will come up the left stairwell and surprise you from behind.

Tips to survive level 2:

This is the hardest section in my opinion, where you will have to rely on speed and luck, as apposed to crafty methods.

A horde will come when you go to grab the key for the missile, but if you are very fast and just run in and out to grab the key you will only have to kill 2 military zombies, then run back to the launch room closing the bridge door behind you, and you will entirely miss that horde, it won’t have had chance to get to you.

Once you’ve used the key to launch the missile you will get a 1 minute 40 second countdown to reach the top floor elevator. I recommend killing all of the zombies in your way as apposed to trying to manoeuvre around them, as there is enough time to do so.

This last part of level 2 is perhaps luck based, I have no real method other than making a run for it and you may be fine. Before exiting the elevator take out the few runners coming your way before you even move. Have a look around, if you only see slow ones then make your move! Run as fast as you can straight to the hut that has the sewers key then continue to run straight to open the sewers gate… if you were lucky and fast you will have been granted the checkpoint!

Tips to survive level 3:

The start is easy just go in a North-East direction until you reach the ladder, you will only have to take out about 3 zombies on the way. Once up the ladder you might as well from safety take out all the zombies you can see below in your path, Including the one in the far right little room, which we will be going into.

Here’s where we are blessed that zombies are stupid… once in this little room, you cant fully close the door but you can half close the door, but because zombies follow you, if you stand up against the drawers right next to the window, the zombies will only run as far as level with you at the window and won’t come those few extra centimetres to go through the door to get you! madness I know! So here you are completely safe to kill them through the window until you find a good time and feel ready to make your move.

Do you remember the concrete pen next to the big gates of Refinery in the base game? This is the same area we need to run to and once there you will be completely safe again. For the run from our little room to the concrete pen there will be quite a few runners and they do infinitely spawn, but there will also be some quite clear gaps showing you the right times to start running for it. Keep running until you are inside the concrete pen.

Inside the concrete pen get yourself against the wall next the gates. Even though there are gaps in this short concrete wall that are big enough for you to get through, for some reason the zombies just do not come through them?! So for some reason you are completely safe again to headshot away until your hearts content. When you hear the dialogue saying they are opening the gates for you, you also couldn’t even be in a closer position to make the final short quick dash through the gates, completing your Deadman DLC Apocalypse journey.

Wearing Smells From Laboratories
Collect all Dead Man DLC masks

There are 3 masks you need to find. There is no chapter select so make sure you grab them in one go whilst also finding the gun collectables on your story mode run.

Mask 1 – Level 1:

In the downstairs area where you have winched up the generator. In the back corner behind some crates, next to a zombie just for fun, you will find the mask sitting on a crate. You will need your torch because its hidden in the dark.

Mask 2 – Level 2:

When you have launched the missile and are making your way to the top floor elevator. When on the top floor go PAST the elevator and you will find the mask floating at the other end of the path. Be quick because you are on a countdown timer.

Mask 3 – Level 3:

As soon as you start the level and exit the sewers, just hug the left hand wall and at the other end you will find the final mask hanging off some rocks.

A collectables video showing you all mask locations as well as all guns can be found at the top of the guide.

One-Man Militia
Find all weapons in the Dead Man DLC

There are 4 guns that you need to find for this trophy. There is no chapter select so grab them in one go. No extra guns will be in apocalypse mode, so you have to grab these in story mode.

Gun 1 – Level 1:

Clearly visible on the table when you have used the key to get into the room with the generator.

Gun 2 – Level 2:

Over the green bridge on your way to get the key to launch the missile. The gun will be in the left hand side corner on some crates in the bigger room leading to the little room where the key is. You will need to clear out this area of zombies to get access to this gun.

Gun 3 – Level 2:

The opposite side of that same green bridge where you got the last gun, will be a room with a sign on that says “Armoury”. Clear out this room of zombies if there are any left, and the gun will be in the far right corner next to the door, where you have to reach through the window to get it.

Gun 4 – Level 2:

When you have exited the elevator and are in the big open area. Clear out the area of zombies first. Then from the hut where you find the key to the sewers, on the left you will see a big truck, with a zombie hanging out of the front seat. This last gun will be beneath that zombie.

A collectables video showing you all mask locations as well as all guns can be found at the top of the guide.

Online upscale-245262160018212
Restart the power

Story related, cannot be missed.

This trophy will unlock during level 1 when you have found the key (upstairs back room) to open the downstairs gate, and have used the winch to power up the generator.

Rocket Science
Launch the ICBM

Story related and cannot be missed.

During level 2 when you have found the key (left over the bridge and in the small room) and gone back to the launch room and inserted the key this trophy will unlock.



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