8BitBoy Review (PC)

8BitBoy is a Mario style platformer with some extra added mechanics. The game is Developed and Published by AwesomeBlade. The game is only available on PC (Steam).

The gameplay is almost exactly like the classic Mario games, it got the running, jumping, enemies, and shooting. But the shooting is a little bit different here, you can upgrade the shooting to shoot more projectiles in 1 go and they can be set afire. Other than the upgrades they can also bounce off walls to hit enemies from an angle. This worked perfectly fine and was actually pretty fun to use.

Something that didn’t work was the controls. can not hold run at the same time as jumping, you could not run to the left for some reason, and the hitboxes of enemies were not totally right, it would sometimes kill me without actually hitting me. another problem was the shoot and run buttons… it was both the same button and in-game it only showed Xbox controls for some reason instead of showing keyboard ones.

The story is very simple, you get sucked into a game console and it’s your job to get out of it by going through all the worlds and completing the game. it was really minimal with no added story in between the levels or anything in the levels. The level order seems to be really random with the backdrops/locations.

The levels themself were actually pretty fun to play, unlike the classic Mario games, this feels a lot more open with multiple paths to the end of the level. This sometimes also had a bit of a backlash of not knowing where to go for the best way out.

You could also find special items like a shot upgrade, a shield, coins and a special coin that grants you access to a hidden level, in the hidden levels you can collect coins and in the end it gives you a bunch of lives. If you run out of lives there is really no worry, you get just back to the start of the level with all your lives back

The visuals of the game look really nice but also really boring at the same time every world had its own theme but in those worlds, all the levels felt the same.


For the price, you are paying you can’t complain. If you like Super Mario Bro’s you can probably take a good few hours of gameplay for it and even if you don’t, it still is fun for at least a little bit.












  • Nice mechanics


  • Controls not working properly
  • Wrong hitboxes

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