6 Gaming Facts You Might Have Never Heard Before Part 2

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    There are a lot of things you might have never heard, like how the nuke in Fallout 3 got its sound. So why don’t we take a look at 6 Gaming Facts You Might Have Never Heard Before Part 2?

    Cortana, the famous virtual assistant developed by Microsoft, owes its name to the synthetic intelligence character in Halo. Furthermore, the sound of the US version is dubbed by the same actress that borrowed her voice for the video game.

    6 Gaming Facts You Might Have Never Heard Before Part 2 - Gamecube

    The GameCube released by Nintendo in 2001, is not a real cube due to its irregular dimensions (5,9 × 6,3 × 4,3 inches). Nintendo lied to all of us!  Despite that, it received generally positive reviews following its launch.

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    Devil May Cry’s idea was born as a sequel of Resident Evil 3 but Hideki Kamiya didn’t feel it would have fit correctly inside the franchise. For that, he requested to make an independent video game series which has a lot of success nowadays.

    Foldit, an online puzzle video game about protein folding, has been used to help scientists to decipher the crystal structure of a monkey virus (M-PMV) which causes AIDS-like symptoms. This problem remained unsolved for 15 years until 2011.

    The Atari ET video game is considered the worst video game ever created, so much so that years after its development, truckloads of Atari boxes, cartridges, and systems from an Atari storehouse were crushed, buried, and covered with concrete.

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    A gene and protein that separates your right brain from the left is called Sonic hedgehog and has a spikey appearance as well. However, this doesn’t take inspiration from the game itself, but from a Sonic comic-book series.

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