6 Awesome Black Video Games Protagonists

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    February is Black History month, so to celebrate it we are going to check out some awesome black game protagonists from some must-play games. Here are 6 Awesome Black Video Games Protagonists!

    Lee Everett – Telltale’s The Walking Dead

    Black Video Games Protagonists - Lee Everett

    If you think of The Walking Dead or Telltale you probably think of Lee and Clementine straight away. The impact Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Lee had on storytelling in games was pretty big back when it first released and spawned massive popularity for the “choose your adventure” type games but it also had something else that wasn’t that common back then, an awesome leading character that is African American.

    Franklin – Grand Theft Auto V

    Back in 2013, GTA’s release year, black protagonists were scarce and far to find in an original IP not based on real people like the 50 Cents game, but after GTA V, that all changed and more and more games with black protagonists got brought to the limelight. Franklin from GTA V is just an awesome character and has a really nice story where he goes from nothing to having it all, something that resonated with a lot of people as many people dream about what he has achieved… but legally of course.

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    Colt – Deathloop

    In Bethesda’s Deathloop you play as Colt, an awesome guy who is just a gun-blazing badass with the ability to reverse time, kinda. There is actually a machine that does that but he does use powers to try and take it down. While most games have an approach in the story that makes you feel like you connect with the other characters in the game, Deathloop does the opposite, because Colt is alone, making his character development one of the most important things to explore in this game.

    Bayek – Assassin’s Creed Origins

    If you say History in the gaming space all minds think of Assassin’s Creed and over their own history, they have had a few black protagonists, but sadly most of them got the side game treatment, except Bayek from Assassin’s Creed Origins. The Man, Myth, Legend, and creator of the Creed from Egypt have one of the best stories in the franchise where he goes on a crusade to avenge his son.

    Miles Morales – Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

    Having to fill the shoes of the Amazing Spider-Man is a hard thing to do, but to be the hero in the spin-off of the best-selling superhero of all time makes that job 100 times harder, something that Insomniac Games managed to pull off here. While there was initially some hate about it when first announced and when some reviews started to come in, it ended up being an amazing game with Miles Morales being a more enjoyable character to play than the actual Spider-Man.

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    Marcus – Watch_Dogs 2

    Most of the time, black characters are portrayed as some kind of gangster cool guy, while some elements are still in Watch_Dogs 2 due to the base gameplay, the character has a side to him we usually never see, a nerdy kinda guy with the most awesome tech skills shown in games.

    Bonus – You? – Custom Character

    A lot of games these days have a character creator, so what’s better than creating the ultimate character you wanna be? While it’s not the biggest part of a game, you can argue that it is maybe the most important thing, you can be anything you wanna be in games, and I think that that is awesome.

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    Please let us know if we missed any cool people and what your favorite protagonist is in the comments below or onĀ Twitter/Discord or read some more of our articles.


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