10 Second Ninja X Review (PC)

10 Second Ninja X is a new version of the classic steam game 10 Second Ninja. The game is developed by Four Circle Interactive and published by Curve Digital. The game gives you 10 seconds to defeat all the enemies on a map to try and get the best time possible.

The game isn’t a bad game, it’s just not something I can play and have fun with at all. The stress of trying to do everything as fast as possible makes you just make more mistakes and it can make some levels, even early on, extremely painful to play.

If you enjoy platformers like Super Meat Boy you will 100% like this. The game is overall a good and challenging platformer if you like something that is hard right from the start. It does seem like a pretty simple game, and technically the game itself it very simple, just defeat all the enemies within 10 seconds. But those 10 seconds are just not always enough to do it + some of the obstacles are just so annoying.

The story is very simplistic. A pirate kidnaps you and he HATES ninjas, he lets you do the levels to try and escape his flying ship and stop him and his robots from taking over.

The art of the game looks really good, I just loved everything about it. It’s colorful and everything just feels right. The style makes it looks like an easy cute game but it really isn’t. The level design is a different story. A lot of the time it looks like they placed an object on a specific spot just to make a simple looking level 10 times harder.

The area of effect from the melee attack doesn’t seem to connect to what the visuals show. You actually have a bit more range than you think a lot of the time and the game counts on you learning that to get the most optimal time possible in the levels.

I was not able to get very far into the game. It’s really hard. I did try to get more stars and unlock more levels but I had to give up. Not only does this game stress me out a ton, but it also just started hurting my hand pretty badly after doing the same level 20 times and not gaining anything.


The game wasn’t bad. It’s just way too hard and strained my hard pretty fast when I got into it. If you enjoy games like Super Meat Boy then this is definitely the game for you. But if you don’t I would avoid this game.

10 Second Ninja X









  • Lots of replayability
  • Nice visuals


  • Annoying levels
  • Different Hit Radius

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